Sunday, April 16, 2006

Cop That

The scene at 3pm this afternoon at Cecil Square in Margate. No visible signs of any “Flashmob” or anyone else come to that!

Margate seafront is in a rather subdued Easter holiday mood but the Big Wheel is a great success. Because of the problems surrounding its planning permission, a smaller model is waiting to take its place in Godden’s Gap and is now standing in the harbour piazza.

On the cycle ride into Margate I quickly noticed that the Westbrook car park is being used as a race track and training area for mini-motorcycles. At least four on the last count. Seeing signs of low-level anti-social behaviour along the route, I’ve spent the last hour on my cycle ride looking for a policeman in Margate but have found no evidence that the species exists in Thanet on a Bank Holiday Sunday.

I spoke to one concerned resident who had called Crime Stoppers, you know the one-stop shop to report all crimes short of 999. Crime stoppers said "Call Kent police." "What’s the point of calling Crimestoppers then", they were asked, “You should be called ‘Crimetalkers’ instead!’ “I’m sorry you feel that way", was the reply.”

So if anyone in Kent Police is reading this, you can pick up four mini-motorcycles in one shot if you simply wander down to the Westbrook car park, you’ll hear them from a long way away and they are still there now at 15:20.

How, I ask, can you have a Bank Holiday weekend in Margate and even the suggestion of a “Flashmob” in the town centre with not a copper in sight? All praise though to Thanet District Council who have an army of beach cleaners operating between Margate and Westgate. Pity half of them couldn’t be community police officers but maybe that’s for another day.


Anonymous said...

Dr M, when your PC crashed it did some serious damage to your internal clock I think! You've been on the wrong day all weekend! Tomorrow is Bank Holiday Monday.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising that there's no response in Thanet by our local plods; the new policing area includes Canterbury and thats where our police will be patrolling; in a thriving tourist area! The site of empty squares on the Easter Weekend in Margate is confirmation that either most of my fellow Brits have suddenly found religion and are observing a quiet Easter celebration or that Margate is not in terminal decline but has died.

Anonymous said...

Yes Monday does see to be the day mentioned previously. However a truly accurate appraisal of the police communication problems we have here in this area.Before police get around to attending, the crime has been committed and the criminal flown from the scene of the crime.I have experienced these problems myself in the past.
A truly accurate sunmming up of events(or should I say-non events) here in Thanet.

Anonymous said...

The police cars were mob handed cruising in Ramsgate about 11'oclock this morning must have thought there would be trouble at the french market.

sir Rohsis said...

Local taxi-driver said Margate was very busy last night with Escape being a main attraction. Lets promote more clubs and pubs for a busier town?

wrighton said...
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Jaymo said...

flash mod happened today dude, u can find a full discription of what happed at

Anonymous said...

Hey Jaymo, had a look there, it seems slightly less than impressive to be honest, is that the best we can do? 30 people chanting wheel, wheel ?
30 isn't exactly a mob you know, more of a gaggle.
Maybe do better next time, regard this as a practice?
Reminds me a bit of the National Front march along Margate sea front a few years ago , all they could muster their members from the whole of Great Britain was about 200 marchers, not bad you'd say but terrible out of a population of nearly 70 million (including the number of immigrants they hate) !
Thank goodness extremists of any flavour never seem to prosper in Great Britain.

Peter said...

I think there are a couple of issues here:
1) Comparing us to extremists is a bit of a slur on our names. And in acual fact, the diverse age range and the diverse cultural sectors goes to prove that bringing something fun and exciting to Margate, other than more false hope of revival shows that people can mix without having to be given social tags that only further extremist views!

2) Yes, this time it was a small number (although I'd question what the correct number has to be for it to be considered a mob), but the next one will be bigger. The one after that bigger nd so on. And when 200 people appear the 30 that joined this time will be able to say...I was there when that began...which offers a nice sense of achievement and fufilment.

And it will grow. Now those people know what it was about, they ill bring others. So quick maths, if everyone brings one new person, we'll have 60 next time, and 120 the next, and so on!

3) The first ever Flash Mob had about 100 people attend, yet it spread around the world within months. To me, its nice to think that people can enjoy themselves, and actually want to do something fun and apolitical, rather than just do stuff when they are annoyed.

Thanks, and hope to see you at the next gathering


Anonymous said...

pete,i couldnt of said that better,even if i tried after a couple of beers!!!!viva la flashmob