Saturday, April 15, 2006

Clear and Present Danger

You may recall from last year, that Kent Police, when confronted with my request under the Freedom of Information Act, that they reveal how many registered sex-offenders had been parked out of the way in Thanet, declined to do so.

This was on the grounds that revealing such information "May lead to public disorder."

Now it seems that sex offenses against children in Kent are rocketing as revealed in "Kent on Saturday." The trouble is that here in Thanet, we have good reason to suspect that we have more than our fair share of perverts lodged in social housing but parents are not permitted to know, as in my letter to the police, "how many of these have a record of offenses that might constitute a danger to our children."

If we at least had an idea of the numbers we could make an educated guess over the risk.

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Anonymous said...

God forbid we should interfere with their human rights to drool over our kids or even worse.
What happened to our kid's rights to play safely in their own communities?
There is no justice, only the law! and the law is a complete ass written by insulated, theoretical morons who wouldn't know "real life" if it beat them unconscious with a stick. There are times I wish it would.
The ONLY way to protect our children, involves permanently depriving paedophiles of the human right to breathe!