Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Air Mail - Special Delivery

I haven’t put the Southampton banner away yet and already, there’s another group of fans who want to do the same thing at the last game of the season for another big club. It strikes me that the popular way of telling an unpopular manager of chairman to leave a football club is by air mail!


Anonymous said...

Another strand to help the income keep the plane in the air opens! Ring round the cricketers?

Anonymous said...

Some disaffected Margate supporters a while ago satisfied themselves with burning into the tarmac by the football ground that their chairman was a crook.
You could see it in an aerial photo at the time, wish I could find it now.
That's only their opinion of course, not fact, although I think you do need a chairman who is a bit on the sharp side to be succesful.
Trust Margate people to do things the cheap way, much cheaper than paying for a banner flyby.