Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Broadstairs Pub Crawl

For choices of unusual websites on Thanet topics you can find two on the BBC “H2G2” website.

One of these is the “Broadstairs Pub Crawl” which writes: “The gentle stroll around Broadstairs is around 2 km and takes in 16 hostelries, as well as a fair amount of Broadstairs' historical elements and architecture.

The pub crawl starts at Broadstairs station and from there, it slowly samples the liquid delights on offer from this most famous of seaside towns; describing every tavern in conscientious detail. It should, in my opinion at least, award a medal or a special mention to anyone who reaches the last pub and is able to stand unaided.

Any mention of pubs and “pubbing” in Thanet can’t be complete without a mention of another local institution, the Thorley Taverns and a team of dedicated researchers just happen to have spontaneously written the history of these important landmarks, together with a biography of Mr Frank Thorley as well:

The story begins:

“Frank Thorley is the man behind Thorley Taverns, a multi-outlet public house chain, with many of its hostelries in Thanet, The Isle of Thanet, Kent, England, Kent. There are so many that locals call the area Planet Thorley (The area is known as Planet Thanet, as it is a 'World away from anywhere else', this researcher has been told!!!). He works with his son Philip, continuing to build the business.”

I had no idea that there were so many Thorley Taverns, I counted 32 before going cross-eyed but for a better glimpse of a local business success, story. Please read on....


Broadstairs boozer said...

The rumour I heard about The Charles Dickens was that a cash flow problem forced Mr Thorley to sell it (expanding too fast?) and he has always wanted it back. Personally, I'm delighted he hasn't managed to get it back.
He certainly is approaching a monopoly situation in Thanet in respect of younger drinkers of all ages and monopolies are not necessarily a good thing.

Anonymous said...

I believe he is toying with changing the name from Thorley Taverns to Thorley secondarys. More school kids than most of our local schools after all!!

Anonymous said...

I know that the rank and file would like to take positive action with respect to certain people. However, the brass like to be seen taking awards and giving awards with the same people, so of course, nothing happens. In the big world, bribes win peerages, in the little world, lots of press coverage diverts real coppering!! Shame really, the youngsters suffer, the Owners make money, and the Brass who should know better, get their pic in the paper!! It would be laughable if it was not true!!!!!
Thanet Blue Vein

James Maskell said...

They arent bribes, they are "loans", Thanet Blue Vein! Its annoying that a Party just happens to nominate people for peerages who by sheer fluke happen to have loaned seven figure sums of money to the governing Party!

Anonymous said...

How rigorous are we in Thanet about enforcing the Licencing Laws with reference to underage drinking?
An allegation thatI have heard is that there is a degree of collusion on parties involved. Many places where alledged under age drinkers gather have doorman to 'police' the premises and their immediate vicinity. The police are happy with a relaxed interpretation of the law because youngsters are in known places being 'policed'. They prefer this policy of containment rather than parties of paralytic children all over the Isle. When you think about it, it is a sensible approach perhaps?

DrMoores said...

Please use "allegedly" and "reportedly" people. Don't forget that under present legislation your IP address is recorded and stored and can be used in evidence. Anonymous only means anonymous to other readers but not to anyone with a court order in a libel case.

Nigel Jones said...

It's a long time since I left Thanet but owning all these pubs must have taken it's toll on Frank Thorley judging by this latest "alleged" photo ;0)