Thursday, February 02, 2006

X-treme Preaching

It might catch on in Thanet, the news that the Church of England will today unveil plans for a new squad of pioneering priests to work among rappers in nightclubs and "hoodies" in shopping arcades.

The priests will receive special training before being ordained, and they will operate in housing estates, skateboard parks, pubs and cafes rather than traditional parishes.

Called "pioneering ministers", the new breed are a key part of the Fresh Expressions initiative backed by Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, to attract people back to the pews.
Among the 300 or so alternative church schemes already established under the Fresh Expressions initiative is Resurgence, a Christian "extreme sport" ministry in Surrey.

It describes itself as "a unique first that brings mountain biking, BMX and faith into one".

Meanwhile, clergy in Manchester are being urged not to eject youths who hang around churchyards intimidating worshippers and causing damage, but to try to get to know them.

The advice follows a vicar's decision last summer to move a service into his vicarage because parishioners had become so frightened of gangs of teenagers near the church.


Anonymous said...

Your photo is inappropriate - it is of a hardworking and Godfearing Roman Catholic priest by the name of Father Jack Hackett who would no doubt be mortified to be associated with the C of E.

DrMoores said...

No offense intended and a more suitable photo (not from Father Ted) attached

Anonymous said...

No offence taken, just a humorous aside.
It seems only yesterday that Father Ted went to a better place, but it was actually 7 years now that the actor died at his birthday party.
What a surreal series that was, and Father Jack wasn't even Irish and certainly in real life does not look or behave anything like his character on the TV.
Father Dougal went on to become Thermoman in a rather poor series and is now in another lacklustre production on TV, the name of which escapes me.
Still there is always Little Britain to watch, although that seems to have suffered from too much exposure recently.
Some of the series was filmed in Herne Bay.
Enough rambling, back to work!

Anonymous said...

Our Lord might say to-day " Suffer little chavs to come unto me". Get stuck in vicars!