Sunday, February 19, 2006

Top of the Class

With good written English appearing at the top of the national curriculum, are there any local schools that might like to try an experimental project with ThanetLife?

It’s simple, a class project. Send the pupils out to look for or write a local Thanet interest story of no more than 400 words with digital photographs if possible. Let the teacher and class judge the best two or three and then simply send them in to me to publish here.

As a one-time English teacher, I think that using the online medium is a great way of motivating today’s students and I’m very happy to help, if I can through this website. I’m certain that there are lots of interesting stories and experiences out there that deserve a place here, yours or perhaps the infantry in the classroom.

Very soon, we’ll reach 100,000 impressions on this website, so don’t be shy, help me make it more interesting and useful than it is today.


Maths Freak said...

Like the idea Dr Moores. I'll see if I can get English Dept interested at a school not far from you.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea. You need to get the Gazzette to promote the idea.