Thursday, February 09, 2006

Time Pressures in the Blogopshere

Too much “blogging”, so little time. The problem I have at the moment, so if the Weblog is quiet over the next four or five days, it’s because I have to concentrate on a work project that demands my attention.

Normal business or “Blogging” will be resumed by next Thursday!

Note the crowd applauding the Turner Contemporary decision in the illustration and remember that Margate is twinned with Yalta... funny that!


Anonymous said...

I wish we were able to emulate what Uncle Jo Stalin would have done to the perpetrators of the TC fiasco. A lonely frosty gulag in Siberia .......?

Sorry to read that this weblog will be quiet for a few days. Having just discovered it by a friend's recommendation- great stuff about Thanet and a mixture of amusing and serious commentary
about things happening that THEY would not want us to know about.

Anonymous said...

Just been passed this link what a great idea. As for Turner great idea but too costly. Even local artists were against it