Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Through the Lens

I see I’m getting special requests as regards aerial photos of Thanet. OK, I’ll shoot the area that links King Ethelbert’s School and Edward Drive, the gap between where Birchington finishes and Westgate starts and then you can have a good look at the field in between, which I’m told is owned by the Church of England but leased by the farmer. I can’t confirm this though.

I can’t say when I’m next in a position to take the photos but I’ll let you know when I do. If anyone else has any “Special” requests, add them to the comments and if I can oblige, I will – Please no requests to photograph individual houses, that’s a chargeable item I’m afraid!

Otherwise, you can find all the aerial photos of Thanet here.


Andy Pandy said...

I'll be out on my bike tomorrow at about 9am, so if you could get a shot of me riding by the Sea Bathing (on the prom by the new crazy golf thing) then that would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance

Westgate dogwalker said...

Dr. Moores thanks, thats marvellous. My sources tell me it has been tenanted by the Liningtons at Somali farm for many years but is actually owned by Quex Park. I have been walking my dogs along Canterbury Road for 15 years and it is the first time I have not seen it under crop/rotation.(cauliflower/wheat/potato.)

A bit odd really.

Anonymous said...

You will recognise Andy by his blue and white striped suit, now I would also like a photo of me please, I will be by the Margate Clock Tower (now working again) I will be the short guy in the pink suit with the matching poodle.

Chris said...

I would also like you to try and get a photo of my keyring..I dropped it whilst walking down Park lane by Quex house.