Friday, February 24, 2006

Softly Softly

Apparently and according to the "Beeb", "Extra police patrols have begun in Thanet on Friday and Saturday nights to provide a boost to frontline policing."

Kent Police said an extra team would be supporting frontline officers once a month, targeting burglary, criminal damage and drink-fuelled crime.

The team includes ten constables and two sergeants, led by an inspector.

Police said it would ensure a response to calls for assistance and drive down crime. The "all out" initiative involves all officers based at Margate.

Ed: Was it something I said or just a happy coincidence? law and order or simply ‘order’, may be a new and pleasant experience in some parts of Thanet over the weekend. Enjoy it while it lasts, I suppose!


Anonymous said...

So we can expect to see a police minibus once a month sitting by the clocktower full of burly rozzers letching at passing night-outers on Marine Terrace! Great news; excites me no end.
Any self-respecting hood is out enjoying themselves on a Saturday night not 'working'. This is about keeping the lid on drunken yobs not dealing with the whole gammut of offending we have to put up with on Monday, Tuesday, Wed.....

Anonymous said...

I was down Ramsgate seafront on Saturday night and can confirm that I saw a police van drive past once.

I must say, I felt much safer afterwards ;-)