Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Small Change

The Times newspaper has an amusing or perhaps sorry tale of the cost of government waste. Among the cost overruns are:

The £2,500 retraining grant paid by the RAF to Aircraftwoman Stephanie Hulme to fly from her Northern Ireland base to a London hotel last year to train for a new career as a stripper.

The Metropolitan Police spending £874,387 patrolling Abu Hamza’s street meetings.

And £1,900 million of Britain’s annual EU contribution going to subsidise farmers in other European countries, including £88 million to tobacco farmers whose crop is so foul that Europeans refuse to smoke it.

The Margate Turner Contemporary project, not being completed or even likely to be completed at this rate, given the week’s stories, does not appear.

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Anonymous said...

Like any serviceman or woman,Aircraftwoman Stephanie Hulme is entitled ,after her contracted service, to Resettlement Training to prepare her for employment in 'civvie street'. I am delighted with her choice of future career and hope she brightens up sad people's lives for many years to come.