Friday, February 24, 2006

A Shark's Tale

An interesting idea for promoting Thanet more widely as a popular seaside tourist destination. The helicopter we could possibly borrow from Helicharter, the costumes from the fancy dress shop in Margate’s Old Town and the shark? This may be a little more difficult but I’m open to suggestions from the local angling community.


Anonymous said...

A 'Sea-World' or 'Nausicaa' has been an idea for Dreamland site - anything that makes it worthwhile to not only sit on the beach but have a back-up on a gloomy wet day will attract visitors.
By the way, Dr Moores have you a shot of the last 100m of the Thanet Way to St.Nicholas Roundabout? Couldn't believe the number of signs on the hatched approach. Now I know why people career into the island on the roundabout; too busy reading all the distracting signs. Surely these signs are in themselves a road hazard?

DrMoores said...

I'll have to add it to the list of requests!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad people are making more and more comments on the need for an all weather centre in Thanet. I've been saying this too for ages, we need aquarium, sealife centre both relative to our position to the sea and something like Futurescope in Poitiers, an audio visual experience worth going to, not several hundred box houses or apartments that'll be bought by the buy to let brigade and filled with more unemployed.