Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pick-up Line

I have a charity banner I’ve been asked to run along the seafront at Folkestone on Friday, the idea being that lots of schoolchildren line-up on the cliff top and wave as it goes past, a moment to be captured by the local press and possibly Meridian TV.

The only problem is that the long-range forecast is looking awful for that afternoon and I don’t want to disappoint everyone. It’s one of the challenges doing something as weather-dependent as hauling a banner behind an aircraft. It’s tricky at the best of times and best requested in the Spring and Summer when the odds of good weather are much better.

If you’re interested, here’s a ‘Bird-eye’ view of a pickup. Note lucky plastic sheep on top of instrument panel and G-force effect of the sudden “pull-up” on the camera.


Anonymous said...

anon again!

Hope the weather gets better for you, and good enough for you to complete that task. I shall be at work!

Anonymous said...

Looks good in daylight but can you do it at night and put down as me and a mate and some polythene bags would like a pick-up from a farm just outside Herne Bay?

DrMoores said...

No problem.. a few small petrol fires (in tin cans) on either side of the grass runway along its length is all I need! <:0>>

Anonymous said...

That's really impressive, does the banner pick up put tremendous strain on the airframe?

P.S. did you find anyone to clean your plane?

DrMoores said...

Well, you hope that after the initial tug and sudden braking effect, the tail is still attached to the aircraft.

Aircraft still muddy.. no volunteers. Playstation more fun I assume!