Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Out of Sight

Possibly the same Cliftonville teenager who has been mentioned here before, carrying an ASBO like a war medal, has admitted ignoring the conditions he is under and is carrying on a private campaign of threatening and violent behaviour along Clintonville’s Northdown road, having admitted to at least three breaches already.

The Thanet Times is launching a legal bid to name the teenager when he returns to a Thanet court to be sentenced on Wednesday March 8th and you can text your views, on whether he should be granted legal anononymity or not to 84080, starting with the word “Thanet.”

My own view is that with an ASBO proving useless, he should be properly removed from the community until such a time as his behaviour improves. I suspect that he’s not actually from Thanet originally and is one of those many poor unfortunate children with chronic behavioural problems who have been ‘dumped’ on our doorstep by a London local authority. ”Out of sight is out of mind being their policy”.


Anonymous said...

The magistrates have the means at their disposal to name and punish properly.
I despair at the way we have allowed a minority of young people to run wild without paying the consequences. This brat has had plenty of chances to deal with his 'issues' so let him proceed as quickly as possible to a Young Offenders Institution and no longer be a nuisance on our streets.

Anonymous said...

anon again!
they published that name of that twit from Westgate/Linksfield last month. Let's hope they do the same with this obnoxiuos little idiot, with picture too please... so then if we see him, we can all avoid him...