Sunday, February 26, 2006

Out in The Cold

An interesting story from today’s Sunday Times:

“An average two-income couple with a mortgage and two young children pay £7,600 more a year in tax than they receive in benefits. If they break up, the two households can receive £400 more in benefits than they pay in tax.”

The story adds:

“Encouraging the nuclear family is crucial. Studies show that, irrespective of social class, children from broken homes are twice as likely to have behavioural and mental health problems, to perform less well in school, to become sexually active younger, and turn to drugs, smoking and heavy drinking.”

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Anonymous said...

anon again!

haven't we known this for years??

Anonymous said...

Its not surprising then that more than 50% of births are now outside marriage. Restore married tax allowances!

Anonymous said...

Do away with benefits for unmarried Mums... most of them do it on purpose anyway, and still live with the fellow.
Nobody controls things anymore.
I am extremely upset by the age of some of them. A few years ago the 'father' would have gone to prison for committing under age sex offences if the Mum was only 12-13-14 years old... Now it seems to be totally in order unless the 'father' is much older, then he is considered by Law to be a pervert..

James Maskell said...

How many is "most of them"? I dont think the best way to encourage people to marry is by cutting benefits for those who arent married. Its wrong to use the welfare system to coerce people into marriage.

Theres a whole world of difference between a 16 year old kid and a much older man in this instance. They cant be treated in the same way.

Anonymous said...

If its alright to use the tax system to encourage people out of marriage whats wrong with manipulating the benefit system to encourage marriage.
Or is it that a labour Govt is quite happy to see the break up of what used to be the respectable hardworking working and lower middle class family as those on benefit develop a state dependant mentality and are happy to place their votes with labour? Also expand the workforce working for the state until the majority in work are state employees; result perpetual Labour Govt?

James Maskell said...

The problem is that its not encouraging marriage, its punishing unmarried couples and single parents for not getting married. Cutting benefits for single parents is wrong. Single parents require more financial and social support than married couples and therefore by cutting financial support, its hurting them. And its hardly an easy thing to get married.