Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Miss is as Good as a Mile

Well done of course to Steve Fossett who finally arrived safely on British soil this evening. Alright, he couldn’t quite find Manston in the dark and Bournemouth had all the glory but from a Pilot’s point of view, any safe landing is a good landing and I was still up in the air, in the dark when he touched-down, so I don’t feel so bad about missing the show after all, although it’s a great shame that an opportunity to put Thanet on the world map, even in the dark, was lost, with GlobalFlyer now safely tucked-up in bed for the night in Bournemouth. Maybe next time and there’s always the slim chance of the Space Shuttle coming in one day, as Manston is a designated alternate and emergency landing site. Now that would give the residents at the Ramsgate harbour end of the runway something to see.

I saw the comment about setting up a “Thanet South’ only weblog and why not. You have to be fairly thick-skinned if you put yourself on offer with a website like this one and all I would say in my defense, is that this is a hobby, which through luck, has attracted over seventy thousand impressions in the last year. It’s not the local paper, and I write it, like this evening, when I can and often from a very long way from home.

If anyone wishes to volunteer as “editor’ for all things Thanet South, for all those stories and news items that I can’t find, then please feel very welcome, I’ve written many times before that I value local comment and contributions to add real value to the website.


Anonymous said...

You are doing a grand job. Love the site.

Anonymous said...

The N and S are such different areas that maybe its better to concentrate on one side, most of the posters seem to be Southerners as well as most of the topics.
I recently booked tickets for Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede in USA and was asked on the phone if I wanted to support (and sit with) the N or the S.
I was a little taken aback by this as I hought the South in the USA was regarded as politically incorrect now, standing as it did for slavery etc.
The Confederate flag is still displayed but it is contentious.
Anyway - as it turned out they meant the N Pole and S Pole.

Anonymous said...

anon again!
I'm glad he completed his mission and got back safely.
Congratulations to a rare pioneer spirited person. What a guy!