Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Manston Latest

The latest news from Manston is that Seguro Travel based in Macclesfield, will operate flight-only and package holiday deals from this summer.

A chartered 180-seat airbus A320 will take off for Faro on the Portuguese Algarve, and Barcelona every Thursday, starting on May 25.

The operation will be called Kent Escapes. Passengers can book online or through a call centre, currently based at Glasgow Prestwick Airport but there are plans to set up a call centre at Manston.

The aircraft will be operated by LTE, an airline based in Majorca. Packages will start at £309 for seven nights all inclusive holiday accommodation on the Costa Brava, and £239 for seven nights self catering in the Algarve. Flight-only fares will be the same.


Anonymous said...

If you were a medical doctor you would take more care than to impart such shocking news without warning. I MEAN people are going to use Manston to fly aircraft in and out of, blimey anyone would think its an airport !!

Steve Kilbee

Anonymous said...

I suppose this news is better than nothing but it does look pricey and very limited in scope. I'm pessimistic. We need a lo-cost multi-destination set up with the financial strength to build up to profitability.

Anon Also said...

Oh well, look on the bright side. At least it'll be good for double glazing sales in Ramsgate.

James Maskell said...

Im quite happy at the news. That said I dont live under the flightpath so Im not so environmentally affected. Infratel have lots of money and lots of assets too so I dont feel concerned about the firm folding. Theyve not gone crazy and set up a vast number of destinations. Start small then see where to go from there. That was one of the big criticisms I had of the Planestation running.

Theres great potential in Manston and Im very pleased at the news.

Anon Also said...

I'd rather they spent my Council Tax on an arts centre.

Anonymous said...

anon again!
I hope that this time, the flights will work correctly, and the services will eventually increase.
(I still miss the swish of EU Jets whispering above). Airbus, hmmm.. nice aircraft, they should have the quieter engines, so, OK.. I'm happy again for Manston.
(secretly, I was hoping that Sir Richard would bring Virgin down here, and run a train direct to London too, I'll just have to wait!).

Anonymous said...

A virgin in Thanet? You're having a laugh, surely!