Friday, February 10, 2006

The Lost World

I have temporarily taken down "The Lost World" story. It's not censorship, but I want to check the original material before I fire off a full broadside.

It seems that Westgate has almost been omitted from the new Thanet tourist guide with Acoll having a larger entry. Now I know that the sea doesn't quite come in as far as the beach at Acoll but I would have thought that Westgate deserved a little more, given its family friendly environment. Perhaps residents should start their own tourist website in protest because the council version is still stuck firmly in the best tradition of Soviet era web design. After all, Margate was twinned with Yalta in its heyday!


TDC Gulag inmate said...

I know you said you would be busy for a few days but when you get some time why not produce a separate 'Westgate Tourism Website' and show TDC how it could and should be done? I'm not computer literate myself but there may be others out there willing to help.
At least people would find out the facts correctly without the spin. I popped off to see the site you prompted and was amazed to see that the TC 'picture' has been changed despite the site being closed temporarily! Time to change the pic but no time to tell any site visitor what the real situation is! Stalin would be envious of the way the TC failure has been covered up.

Please keep us all in touch with the Truth, Dr. Moores.

Anonymous said...

Talking if censorship - do you still write for the Thanet Gazette?
I am afraid I haven't bought it recently.

James Maskell said...

He has an article in this weeks Gazette. Nice article too.

Anonymous said...

Ho-hum, yet more aimless North Thanet Tory chit-chat!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, we have rather a large conurbation in the south of the island, you know. It's called Ramsgate.

And we do have one or two issues like, ooh, let me see, a burnt-down library, a port that should be doing better, an enormous property development about to be plonked on our beach, rampant and uncontrolled airport expansion, that sort of thing.

Perhaps you should re-name this blog 'North Thanet Life' and be done with it.

Anyone for a proper Ramsgate blog? (I'm afraid East Cliff Matters and Ramsgate First don't cut it, as they're just tools for politicians, as you'll know if you've ever tried to get a difficult question answered).

I know, let's start with this 'second home' money everyone's been crowing about. Here on the Eastcliff, they've just begun to install the new 'victorian-style' street lights that the money's helped provide.

TDC have done their usual trick of putting the new lamp post next to the old one.

What's the betting that, like everywhere else in Thanet where they've done this, the old lamp post is still there in three years time?

What must visitors make of this place? On the one hand we can't afford to provide any decent public loos, on the other hand we have double street lighting everywhere.

What a shambles.

James Maskell said...

Its been explained before that because Simon lives in the North of Thanet, its very likely that the main things that come to his mind are items in the north of the island.

Why not write an article about your concerns about Ramsgate and Broadstairs and what you think should be done to improve it? It would make for interesting reading and I for one would like to know what people think of Ramsgate and Broadstairs.

Bright eyes said...

Anonymous of Ramagate - send Dr Moores your stories by e-mail and I'm sure the S of the Isle will then be represented more fully.

What is it with double lamposts? I have a pair at the back of my house. Who do we need to moan to to have old ones removed properly? It is also the problem with TDC that it allows too many obsolete signs to clutter up our roads.

Get a grip councillors - I might yet find it in my heart to forgive you for the TC debacle but surely removing redundant lamp posts isn't hard?

For councillors reading this site, the ones I'm talking about are at the top of Alfred Road, Cliftonville.

James Maskell said...

According to the TDC website, Alfred Road is in Dane Valley ward, represented by Cllrs Shaun Connell, Roy Ford (both Labour) and Ian Gregory (Conservative). contact one of those and Im sure they'll do something about it.

Bright eyes said...

Thank you, James. I'll go and hassle them about it.

Cllr David Green said...

Street lamps, as with all highways matters are a Kent County Council responsibility. Councillors are Cllrs Chris Wells and Clive Hart for Margate.
The second homes money in Ramsgate was to provide improved lighting along Victoria Promenade. An important walking route and site of a shelter near the Winterstoke gardens that was being misused. The idea being that improved lighting would inprove security. The upgrade to heritage lighting columns was from Ramsgate Heritage Lottery grant.

Although KCC are responsible for highways, Ramsgate Councillors are Alan Poole and Elizabeth Green, they rely on the electrical supply comapany EDF to remove old lamps and make safe the supply.

They of course are a private company, but should be subject to pressure from KCC and/or our MP's.

Anonymous said...

No wonder things are such a shambles, then, if we're relying on EDF to remove the old lamp posts. They can't even provide a domestic electricity bill satisfactorily.

Who was responsible for handing this responsibility over to them?

And while we're at it, they're not doing much of a job maintaining the lights along Royal Parade either, are they? Half the lights aren't working.

Those lights are a key part of making the Royal Harbour an attractive place, as well as reassuring pedestrians that it's safe to walk along there after dark.

Does someone somewhere at EDF think 'Oh well, we'll just make sure they're working during the season'?

It's not good enough. Invoke the penalty clause in their contract, if any of you incompetent TDC lot thought of putting one in their contract in the first place.

Cllr David Green said...

If you mean the "decorative" lights, I think they are TDC responsibility. Its not my ward, but I'll get someone to look at them.

Anonymous said...

Which part of:

Highways, including street lamps, are a Kent County Council responsibility.

does anonymous not understand?

Anonymous said...

Thanks DG.

I also emailed KCC about them.

I'm talking about the oldy-worldy looking globes on decorative stands on the left as you go up Royal Parade. Just about every other one is out. I saw an EDF van stopped by one of them the other day and thought they might, just might, be fixing them.

It just makes the place look down at heel. Er.. on the other hand!

Anonymous said...

We have had cutoff old and new lamps in Harold Rd Cliftonville since before KCC had responsibility for them, when it was still TDC
nothing changes................waste of time complaining then and still the same, whats the point, place will always look a dump while the old backscratchers are in power.