Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Leak Stops GlobalFlyer

Steve Fossett has been forced to postpone his attempt to set a new absolute distance record owing to a mechanical problem with the Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer aircraft. A fuel leak was discovered in the final thirty minutes before launch by the aircraft engineers during the final flight preparations. The mechanical problem occurred with the new boom vent systems were stalled after the aircraft experienced a loss of fuel during the last successful round the world record attempt last year. All early indications lead the team to believe that this boom venting issue can be successfully rectified within the next 24 hours.

Steve Fossett is currently considering all weather data pertaining to both ground conditions and round the world winds for the next week and hopes to reschedule a launch between now and 15th February.

Steve Fossett commented:

“This is obviously very disappointing news for the whole project team. As anyone knows who undertakes challenges of this nature there are always obstacles to overcome, whether it is the weather or mechanical issues.

“I have total confidence in the team to rectify this problem so we can launch the record attempt as soon as the fix has been undertaken and the weather permits. Mission Control is continuing to analyze both the ground forecasts for take off and the jet streams around the world in order to identify the next possible take off opportunity.".


Anonymous said...

I am nt an air type person Dr Moores but if they dont get going soon, will they miss the jet stream going in the right direction?

DrMoores said...

This year or before the end of the month would be a good thing I suspect before the world loses interest!

Anonymous said...

So it's been delayed because it's sprung a leak and is suffering from the wrong type of wind.

Not much of an advert for Richard Branson, is it? Sounds like one of his trains.

Anonymous said...

Its on its way - bon voyage and best wishes for a safe landing at Manston.

James Maskell said...

Its expected that he will arrive by Saturday evening. Best of luck to him.