Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ladyman Welcomes Local MEHRA

The announcement that a Marine Environment High Risk Area is to be created from Ramsgate to South Foreland has been welcomed by local MP, Steve Ladyman.

“This is a beautiful area of coastline and an area of great natural value. That it will have this added protection in the future is good news.”

“A MEHRA is an area where skippers and others involved in maritime navigation are given special warning of the sensitivity of the area so that they can be extra careful to avoid accidents and risk of pollution.”

MEHRAs were suggested in the report of Lord Donaldson after he reviewed measures to protect the coastline following accidents like the grounding of the Sea Empress.

Steve Ladyman said:

“The recent sinking of the ECE shows us that accidents can still happen in the Channel and we need to always be vigilant. The creation of MEHRAs is an extra but welcome precaution.”


Anonymous said...

How can a MEHRA prevent accidents and ensuing pollution? Another example of political mumbo-jumbo from our Lords and Masters to show they are environmentally sensitive. Its nice to know they are concerned about our coastline whilst building over what is left of the Kent countryside.

James Maskell said...

I dont mean to distract attention from the headline story here but seeing as its the newest story and is about the environment...does anyone know what the decision was with the sports hall planning application yesterday at KCC?

Anonymous said...

No james. I looked up KCC but no minutes posted yet. Cllr Burgess may have answer but the last posting on his site was 2005?

Cllr David Green said...

Decision was in favour, (of Course it was KCC deciding on a KCC application. Even enforcing the highways conditions was debated.
Burgess didn't attend.

Linksfield resident said...

Disappointing news for many of my neighbours and myself, Cllr Green.
Where to next with this issue? Can we make representations to " TWO JABS" department? Was it unusual for a KCC Cllr not to be there when something on his patch was being covered?

bob the builder said...

Sorry to bang on about Ramsgate, but I'm still waiting to hear if anyone knows where the plans for the remaining development of Granville Court can be accessed online?

Cllr Green says 'the west elevation has been approved', but where are the plans, and which bit exactly is the 'west' elevation? And does anyone know anything about the developers, Oakleigh? There's scant info about them on the web, they don't even appear to have a website.

It's just that practically every week someone comes along and paints the hoarding around the Granville 'bomb site' and that's all you see of them. The new 'wing' they finished in 2004 looks great, but isn't it about time they did the rest?

Cllr David Green said...

The options following a Planning Decision are
A Judicial review, has to be within one month and will only succeed if procedures havnt been followed.
Appeal to Secretary of State, which effectively means the Government Office of South East. Again they will only intervene under exceptional circumstances.
There is no obligation for the loacl member to be present, though most do show an interest. In this case I understand Burgess was "ill".

DrMoores said...

Cllr Burgess has the flu/ bronchitis bug which is going around I believe. I was speaking with him last week and I know he wanted to attend but was unwell at the time.

Anonymous said...

A very convenient time to get flu, some Westgate constituents might think?

James Maskell said...

The bug's been going about a lot. I caught it earlier this week (Im not completely over it) and I very rarely get ill. I know Cllr Burgess would go if he could but he has a good reason not too. Hope he gets well soon.