Thursday, February 23, 2006

"Kilometrication" - "Take a Running One-mile Jump" - Gale

Ex-Commissioner Kinnock should "take a running one-mile jump" over his support for the conversion of UK road signs from miles to kilometres, says North Thanet's MP, Roger Gale.

Commenting this morning the MP said:

"As a European Commissioner Mr. Kinnock signally failed to get to grips with `Spanish practices` that cost our taxpayers millions. Now it seems that he wants to waste more millions on the futile conversion of every road sign - and no doubt every historic milestone -in our country from miles to kilometres, presumably in the interests of harmonisation. As an exercise in "windbaggery" it may be spectacular but I have a hunch that the Great English Public will feel, as I do, that there's a place for ex-Commissioners and that it does not include meddling in our traditions, our customs, our yardsticks and our way of life.”

Ed: We would like to wish Roger’s wife Suzy our best for a speedy recovery following her car accident on Monday.

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John King said...

Quote of the week from Alistair Darling on why it is right that from May 2010 it will be illegal to sell in our culture’s measures: pounds (lbs) and ounces (ozs):

“Err, well, erm… You’ll have to accept it…”