Thursday, February 16, 2006

Iraq War - Inquiry Call

North Thanet's MP, Roger Gale, is backing a motion that appears on the Commons Additional Orders today calling for the creation of a special select committee to investigate the conduct of Ministers in relation to the war against Iraq.

Gale, who has previously supported the demand for the impeachment of the Prime Minister over his conduct of the lead-up to the war, says:

"This is a serious Commons endeavour to hold the executive to account. It has the cross-party support of more than 150 members already and that number includes eight Privy Counsellors.

The intent is to establish a committee of seven Privy Counsellors with the remit to examine all the documents issued and statements made, particularly to the House, in the run up to the war.

There is a very strong feeling that Ministers have been less than forthright and that information leaked and released subsequent to the enquiries that have already been held - such as Hutton - is likely to cast fresh light into some very murky corners.

The results of such an enquiry - which will no doubt be resisted by Downing Street - could well open the way for another move to impeach Blair for his conduct. It is time that this Prime Minister was made answerable for his actions."


Anonymous said...

Roger is quoted above as saying "There is a very strong feeling that Ministers have been less than forthright "
Bit like when Rog wouldn't reveal how much his wife gets paid from public funds for working in the office?

We won't forget that lack of forthrightness on your part Rog!

Exseviceman said...

A nasty petty comment dear anonymous of 10.49 am.
Many MPs employ their supportive wives to run their office, diary and act as PAs.
The issue supported by Roger Gale and 150 of our Members of Parliament is a very serious one. To blame the security services for a 'poor briefing' when taken to task was absurd. This Government took the decision to go to war a long time before it successfully conned Parliament and the Nation to go along with it. Why? Because the American military had already told Bush of the deadline date that would best suit them before the hot season in Iraq commenced.

Our Armed Forces had already started to work on that date before Blair took the matter to the Commons. Principled Primeministers do not lie to Parliament and if Parliament believes Mr Blair has done so it is duty bound to press the matter and hold an enquiry. We are still hopefully a Parliamentary Democracy? Did you believe the whitewashing in the Hutton Report?

DrMoores said...

Agreed. The comment on the cost of employing his wife, which is a perfectly sensible and legal thing to do for MP's is out of order. It should be visible anyway on the register of expenses for MPS if anyone really wishes to know.