Tuesday, February 07, 2006

In Absentia

I thought I should quickly add that there is no “bias” in this weblog towards the “North of the island.” It just happens to be that as I live this side of Margate, I’m more likely to pick up the immediate news. You may notice that I encourage and indeed ask for stories and news from everyone in Thanet but in its absence, I have to do my best, as I have a day job too!

Just back from Herne Bay and I notice an interesting twist on family planning in the town. You can draw your own conclusions from the photo.


Twin Set said...

Cuddles is a euphamism in my house for sex!
Interesting to see that the NHS policy of removing some operations from hospitals has gone to the High Street rather than to local GPs.
Was there a butchers next door selling sweetmeats?

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! This goes to the top of my list, which also includes:

Hairs 'R' Us

and the chillingly predictive 'Hair Today'.

Does anyone eles have any favourites?

By the way, there are two 'Sweeney Todds' in Ramsgate, and both of them are quite close to pie shops.