Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Gale Blows Warm on Turner

North Thanet's MP, Roger Gale, has today described as "courageous and right" the decision, announced jointly by KCC Leader Paul Carter and TDC Leader Sandy Ezekiel to discontinue the current proposal to build the Turner Contemporary and to progress a "Turner Alternative" on shore on the Rendezvous site adjacent to Margate Harbour.

"I believe that future generations will thank those who have taken this decision" says the MP. "Escalating costs and differences of engineering opinion militate against the current project. Far better to seize this opportunity to deliver much greater regenerative improvement for the money available.

I see today not as the end of the Turner project but as the launch of a Margate Waterfront development that will include a potentially award-winning Turner Gallery, a hotel other business opportunities and, very possibly, the re-furbishment of the old stone pier and of the Winter Gardens as a modern business and conference centre of the kind so needed in the South East. This is a very exciting prospect indeed".

Commenting on the assertion that money had been wasted developing the Turner Centre the MP added:

"It is a pity that some are determined to take a negative approach and to regard the money spent to date as `money wasted` rather than as an investment. The fact is that the investment to date has had an enormous effect on confidence in business and property in the Old Town and deprived area of Cliftonville West and has led to the refurbishment of shops and houses in the area in addition, of course, to the investment in the Droit House as a facility in its own right.

We owe a debt of gratitude to those who have taken the artistic development behind the Turner project this far and I trust and believe that with the pledged support of KCC, TDC, SEEDA and the Arts Council we will see more than their dreams realised in the not too distant future".


Anonymous said...

Yes, but the point is what happens to the confidence that has been built now?

Answer: it evaporates.

P****D OFF said...

I have been a personal supporter of Roger Gale for many years and I have been delighted to have had him as my MP.
However, he has now lost my respect with the load of 'TOSH' spouted above.
No-one listened when the voices of reason said: wrong design; wrong place and too costly.
No one had the guts to write off the project when it was going to cost £30,000,000 but now when the figure was £50,000,000 -oops we can't do it.
No apologies; no resignations; no regrets and no recognition that between all involved in the fiasco of the TC that they have wasted almost £7,000,000 with effectively nothing to show for it.

If those responsible for this appalling waste of tax-payers money have no idea of how £7,000,000 could have done so much for Thanet and its people then they should all resign. If they haven't the guts to do this then is there anyone out there who can NAME & SHAME and stand against them when they next come up for election.
I am sorry Roger Gale but its really time to apply for the 'Chiltern Hundreds'.

Nethercourt said...

Stick together don't they......

Anybody who lives locally and has paid any attention over the years knew the idea was a loser..... just cost's our council the thick end of £7M to be convinced.

Anonymous said...

bottled the whole project.

Each one should be sacked for this.

I feel sorry for the people who have opened small gallerys in old town margate in the hope the council would pull through on a project for once.

Sandy Ezekiel is bloody useless

Anonymous said...

7 Million Pounds!!! Just think what they could have done to the tired and worn out sports facilities of Thanet, like Ramsgate's swimming pool or Hartsdown's gym. Might have encouraged some of the disaffected youth off the streets or improved the health of the adult population and saved a few hospital bills. If the aim was to encourage people into Margate, they could have reduced or abolished the exorbitant parking charges that can be avoided by shopping out of town.

A. N. Architect said...

Take a look at this:

and you'll see what we might have got, on the car park, back in 2001, for £7M ALL UP!

I suspect this will be what we end up with. Shame you won't be able to see it from the front. though. And shame the £7m has already been spent!

Anonymous said...

And you can still find this on TDC's website:

"A £7 million flagship visual arts centre, commemorating the work of artist JMW Turner, is to be built in Margate."

Anonymous said...

That info on TDC's website just sums up the incompetency of all those responsible for the TC fiasco!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou A N Architect- went and had a look at the design. It was great. Will it now be considered for the site in 2006? Its only 5 years on from the design and £7,000,000 later.