Monday, February 20, 2006

Fast Cars and Top Gear

The future of Top Gear, the BBC television motoring series, is in doubt because of concerns over noise and pollution created by the high-speed car tests of presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

The programme had hoped to relocate to an airfield near Jeremy Clarkson's home in Oxfordshire as part of a proposal by an independent company to create a circuit for high-performance cars but the residents have thrown the idea out.

So why don’t we offer the programme a home at Manston and put Thanet on the map? I have their number. It can’t be any noisier than the existing aircraft traffic and there’s space out towards helicharter for a circuit. In between landing aircraft, which are few and far between, we have the third longest runway in the country to test high speed cars on.


Thanet motorhead said...

Go for it Dr Moores. Excellent idea and might spur on plane operators to sort acts out before all available airports disappear under housing (brown field sites status) or focal points for car enthusiasts.

DrMoores said...

Well, if TDC ased me to I would approach Top Gear on their behalf but I rather doubt they will on this idea as with the many others I have thrown in their direction!

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Surely if all people who enter this blogg were in agreeance that such an opportunity would be stupid to pass up, would write to the TDC stating just that(oh oh, not absolutely sure they can read), surely they dare NOT ignore them!

Anonymous said...

If Kent Int'l Airport is to be taken seriously and carry credibility the last thing you need is to have Clarkson spinning rubber on tarmac inbetween the occasional flight. It needs to be seen to be available and free of any problems/contracts that might hinder flights in or out.