Saturday, February 25, 2006

Farewell Sea Tower

TG Stearman 19 Airads - June 2005
Originally uploaded by DrMoores.

Possibly your last view of the Sea Tower site in Westgate - you can make out the pool in the garden - the builder's notices are up promising the arrival of luxury flats to come.

Coincidence perhaps but I count at least three "For Sale" signs in the surrounding houses.


Anonymous said...

It's a 'brown-field'site so no one can complain if the nature of the area continues to be altered. Look at what has already happened with huge blocks of flats being built in the area. TDC, thanks for screwing up Westgate.

Cllr David Green said...

If its the general view that the seafront is worth preserving and that it is being damaged, then residents should be pressing their councillors for protection through a conservation area. If they are, and are being ignored by Spencer, Goodwin and Chater, then get rid of them next time around.

James Maskell said...

And when would next time around be considering the Government is looking to cancel next years elections?

Anonymous said...

It is a damm shame that the lovely Sea Towers is going to come down, I had loads of good memories in that house when I was young with the Wallersteiners,