Saturday, February 25, 2006

Dry and Drier Warning

It all looks rather serious. South East Water is banning the use of hosepipes in its Sussex and west Kent supply areas and the government may mandate water meters for all households if the situation does not improve in the next month or so.

If you were thinking of going out to the garden centre to buy bedding plants for your garden for the spring and summer, you may want to reconsider as watering the garden is now very much out of the question this year.


I M Crying said...

How many times do we in the South East have to put up with the nonsense we hear from the Water Boards. As the UK map shows there is more than enough water falling on this country of ours and if there is a recuuring problem of shortage in the South East there is a simple solution: either increase storage capacity or divert from the North with a national water grid. The best thing to do is to do both.

The water boards want us all on meters as they can then charge us an arm and a leg for a product that falls out of the sky for free!
It is an interesting fact that the infrastructure to deliver your first kettleful and remove your first flush is the costly part of the service; the unit cost per litre is insignificant; so why meters?
Let us not be hoodwinked into thinking that water supply difficulties are our fault for using too much water.

2000 - £226.90
2005 - £315.49(39% incr in 5 yrs )
OFWAT have told me that Southern have been given permission to hike up prices as follows in ADDITION TO THE PRICE RISE THEY ARE ALLOWED TO MAKE FOR THE ANNUAL RATE OF INFLATION :

2005 - +12.6% + ARI
2006 - + 3.9% +ARI
2007 - + 3.5% +ARI
2008 - + 5.8% +ARI
2009 - + 2.6% +ARI

This means my 2004 BILL of £255.96 will grow to (allowing 3% ARI) TO
An eye watering 51% increase in 5 years.

Anonymous said...

anon again!
The insight reading is awful. How much longer must we be blackmailed by these money grabbers? Ye gods, has the Public NO more to say about how things are to be done... we are being CONNED left/right and centre by these cash vultures...
if you don't pay up, you don't get the service...
It has to be done by a private body though, as I find I have NO confidence in the TDC since the fiasco (Turner).
What happened to the Medway milking or a desalinating plant, to keep our local reservoires topped up?
If it turns out that I have to que for water, because my tap has gone dry..... I will be very, very annoyed....

F.Angry said...

I agree that we are being robbed by the water company - the level of service provided does not reflect the price we are paying and the worse it gets , the more we pay. My blood boils every time I hear about the water shortage on the news - what they should really be talking about is a competence shortage on the part of the water company. Is this not a recurring theme ?!! It is high time they spent some of our hard earned that we already pay them to invest in extra storage and much needed repairs instead of trying to blame us for the results of their incompetence.

Anonymous said...

My water bill arrived with a leaflet discussing the problems of moving water around! These people obviously have had an inadequate education.
The Romans 2000yrs ago moved water around via aquaducts; the Arabs did so in the deserts of N Africa 1300 yrs ago and the city of Manchester Corporation first began moving water out of Thirlmere near Penrith in the 1870s whilst the City of Birmingham did similar from N.Wales.
Too difficult, Southern Water to do it today as you sit like Mr Micawber 'hoping for something to turn up'?

Cllr David Green said...

Southern Water has asked 11 Kent and Sussex councils including Thanet to reconsider planting schemes for 2006. Brighton and Crawley councils have already cancelled City in Bloom baskets and troughs.
Whilst no-one wants to act irresponsibly, loss of flower beds and hanging baskets will be a real loss to our town centres. Questions must be asked concerning Southern Water's forward planning and investment, given the monopoly position the Conservatives gave the company when water supply was privatised.
So far there has been no response from Thanet Council??

P Less said...

Cllr Green I hope you will do your best to ensure that TDCs plans for flowers in baskets, beds or boats go ahead this year. It is utterly risible that we should suspend the marvellous work done in recent years. If necessary could all council members and employees forego flushing toilets in Cecil Sq and use water thus saved on flowers.