Thursday, February 02, 2006

Divine Inspiration

I thought I‘d seen it all but apparently not. The first “Christian” sex shop has opened on the internet for those whose love of the Lord is matched by their love of rumpy-pumpy.

I won’t continue with a description of what this online store offers visitors because I’m not sure I could deal with the weight of comments to read. However, judge for your self with a quick chorus of “What a friend we have in Jesus” and a visit to: for a little private contemplation.


Anonymous said...

Would that be Jesus's Lib Dem friend?

Anonymous said...

Cromwell's New Model soldiers were reputed to say "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition". Intrigued by (thanks), how about "Sing Alleluia and apply the 'joy jelly'"?

Anonymous said...

The Lord works in mysterious ways
Stee Kilbee

Pete K said...

Come on, spill the beans and tell us all what you typed in to Google to find this.


James Maskell said...

Because the story was of such unimaginable magnitude, it got into the national press!