Saturday, February 18, 2006

Crisis What Crisis

A Danish delegate very sensibly chose not to attend the conference I was chairing in Bahrain last week, even though I’m sure he would have been quite safe. His travel insurance company declined him any cover.

I see however, that in Pakistan, a cleric, Muhammad Yousef Qureshi, the leader of the hardline Jamia Ashrafia religious school in Peshawar has offered a £600,000 reward to anyone who kills the cartoonists from the Danish paper Jyllands-Posten. The reward also included a Toyota car, which is very generous I’m sure but I doubt that Toyota would wish to be associated with this particular brand awareness exercise.

Remembering the tragedy of Theo Van Gogh in Holland, one wonders who might be first to drive away the Toyota in Copenhagen?

"This is a unanimous decision by all imams of Islam that whoever insults the prophet deserves to be killed and whoever will take this insulting man to his end, will get this prize," Mr Qureshi said in an interview, which I suppose is alright then. In reply, I can announce I have now reconsidered the suggestion that I might pop over to Pakistan and help them with the design of their national eGovernment project. I have been known to use Lurpak butter on my morning toast in the past and such visibly liberal Danish sympathies might prove too risky in the present emotional climate.

A week ago, the news agency, Reuters, took the conventional line: that the cartoons had created a "crisis" between Europe and the Islamic world but not only is Europe ill-prepared to wage a "clash of cultures," it is not even willing to admit that it is in one!


Anonymous said...

anon again!

I learn with sadness, that the Islam Religion refers to Christians as imbeciles & non believers.
It is no wonder there is so much world wide religious hate, when such religious hate, is spread & supported by their Imams!
Can you honestly imagine a Vicar or Priest openly denouncing other Religions nowadays?
They incite hate!
Some people (usually lunatics) just don't know when to keep quiet!

Anonymous said...

Every religion has its lunatic fringe. The whole cartoon furore should be seen as the muslim lunatic fringe finding an excuse (albeit 4 months later) to make a cause celebre. We would be better advised in our Media not to give such an issue the coverage we have as it keeps the lunatic fringe in the world public eye, which is exactly where it wants to be.

Your reaction, Anonymous of 2.50 pm is exactly what the muslim lunatic fringe is trying to create.
Calm down and go and find many of the loyal kind-hearted and devout muslims that live in Thanet and talk with them and you will find they are as quick to condemn their extremists as we are! Do not fall into the trap that is being set up for us by extremist groups.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anon of 7:44pm but isn't your suggested censorship of the media and even Anon of 2:50pm exactly what the Jihadists are looking to create?
Why should anyone go and seek muslems to talk to them? It's them who have the bad image and need to make chums.
Sounds too much like a dhimmi stance and that'll never catch on in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Not making a big issue is not censorship; report the facts and leave it at that. Pages of comment and hours of media discussion provide the publicity minority extemists thrive on.

In terms of meeting our fellow countrymen of a different faith(the muslim faith), I am suggesting that you will find a surprising amount of common ground in respect of your shared views on muslim extremists, thats all!

Anonymous said...

Fair points but what do we take the facts to be? For me it's Danish imam manufactures dissent in vain hope for instantaneous global jihad. Many folk not connected in any way killed or injured. Muslem protesters given preferential treatment in Central London.
I'll take your word on common ground as I've found our muslem neighbours verging on the generally unfriendly.