Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Closed Contemporarily

Is it my imagination or have the signs for the Turner Contemporary visitor centre disappeared from the Thanet Way. I can’t recall seeing them when I came back in from the airport this morning but the Sun was in my eyes.

By the way, I see that the Ursuline College has had it's sport's hall approved by KCC which is, I'm sure, a cause for celebration at the school as a specialist sports centre. How the road condition attached to the application will be resolved remains a mystery to me.?

Would anyone like to send me some Ramsgate news to put up?


Chris said...

Would anyone like to send me some Ramsgate news to put up?

Ramsgate..Where is that then? :-)

David said...

The sign was still there when I went past it at about 4pm today.


Ramsgate Ronny said...

Ramsgate news? Over to our Ramsgate correspondent Dave Green, I suppose.

One thing that is inneresting to us simple Ramsgate folk is the new 'heritage' street lamps that are going up all along Victoria Parade on the East Clliff.

They look very nice, and I really don't want to complain, but they don't appear from a cursory glance to be quite so good at keeping down light pollution as the 60s efforts they're replacing. Then there's the thorny question of whether KCC will ever get around to taking down the old lamps (see Thanet Life passim).

Apart from that, they should be a great improvement.

Then there's all that Ramsgate First nonsense about a Parish Council. Everyone knows we'll be lumped in with Canterbury and Dover in a few years anyway, so what kind of say would a parish council have in a megacouncil like that? Waste of money.

By the way, I haven't seen anything on here about the huge re-org that TDC is currently going through, people being re-assessed for their own jobs, positions going, whole departments going, etc etc. Does anyone have the inside griff?

Ethelbert parent said...

Poor old Ethelberts. I can't see them getting a sports hall now. My understanding was that prior to work proceeding at Ursuline the matter must be approved by Sec of State and the roadworks sorted out on the Canterbury Road. Is that the case?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the brown "Turner" signs were still on the Thanet Way on Sunday 12th Feb, as were signs on St Nicholas roundabout saying Dreamland was opening for summer 2005.............

Anonymous said...

Those brown signs and other hard work have brought 43,000 visitors to the tiny Droit House over the last couple of years. Not to be entirely sniffed at I hope!

Chris Wells

Anonymous said...

43,000 visitors to see the kings new clothes eh1

Anonymous said...

Chris,if TC has cost almost £7 M with no TC then each of your 43,000 visitors has cost taxpayers £1,500 odd to bring here. Not a good investment really.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of repeating myself, yet again, the TC project has 2 parts, the programme of work undertaken by Victoria Pomery and her team in Margate, and the final building into which this and other work will be housed. The building has faltered and changed. The programme of work has not and moves on.

Some of those visitors came to see the potential building, some the programme of work. Some of that money has been spent promoting the idea of TC, and the programme of work, some on the iconic building. We know that at least £3.5 million of that relates to the building alone, £2.5 million around architects, a further million around cancellation costs; some other costs will relate to the Maidstone team costs (responsible for the building) but an accurate figure has to be judged against the costs that would have acrued setting out any building, some of which, design costs etc will clearly have to be spent again.

The concept remains, in my opinion, the best engine to kick start investment and new visitors to Margate; and the fight now has to be to ensure similar sums of money to those that were expected in the iconic Turner building should be spent on regeneration in Margate, mainly around that corner, what Roger Gale has termed tha Margate Waterfront. This may include hotel and redevelopment of the Winter Gardens and is to be presented over the next few weeks for popular comment and approval.

I regret the loss of an iconic building, but accept there is no choice if costs have spiralled out of control. I have frequently said costs and benefit were constantly being monitored and weighed, because there was always a risk of reaching this moment. As I write this I look to my right and see the quote of the day...Take care to get what you like or you will be forced to like what you get!....I hope you will all join in the consultation exercise, not here on a website but directly to me and the managers of this project at County Hall.

Chris Wells

DrMoores said...

I recommend a look at the regeneration of the Swansea waterfront. I was very impressed when I stayed there in December in an excellent hotel, possibly the best hotel I have ever been in outside the M25.

If TDC want to see it for comparison. Remember I have an aircraft! - Less than two hours away.