Thursday, February 02, 2006

Clive Hart Well Pleased with Funding

County Councillor Clive Hart has accessed £10,000 funding to provide kerb build-outs in an effort to improve pedestrian safety in Northdown Road.

Cllr. Hart said, ‘”When I joined KCC last year I discovered plans to improve pedestrian access in Northdown Road between Cornwall Gardens and Edgar Road in Cliftonville. Through a bid to the ‘second homes’ fund I have been able to extend that project from Edgar Road towards Trinity Square in Margate. I now look forward to the implementation of the scheme which should now improve pedestrian safety along the whole length of the main shopping area in Northdown Road.”

Cllr Hart is also pleased that a large share of the ‘second homes’ council tax scheme funding has benefited Margate & Cliftonville.

“I’m especially pleased”, he says, “for Cliftonville Residents Association who thoroughly deserve the £59,000 support for their Oval Bandstand project. So far residents had already accessed over £130,000 of funding for their project with no financial help from TDC, even though it’s a TDC venue that is being refurbished.”

“The conversion of Margate Library to provide a one-stop-shop for residents also gets my complete support. Better access to TDC and KCC services has to be a good thing for Thanet residents.”

“However, I have to say that having to spend yet another £40,000 on the Clock Tower Roundabout does cause me concern. Just when will this project finally end’”?


Anonymous said...

"main shopping area" in Northdown Road, sad to say all I see is ever increasing empty premises and stupidly high priced parking meters, its a shame because
I used to make a point of shopping in Northdown Road even though I don't in the area

Steve Kilbee

Anonymous said...

I shopped with my wife there just before Christmas. Her comments were what an interesting shopping centre lots of independent shops. The way High Streets will go as big shops pull out into places like Westwood Cross. Little shops will move in, some will become big shops, pull out move to big malls, little shops open again and so the cycle goes on. The life cycle like everything else.

Anonymous said...

Clive is quite right. His bid for second homes money for pedestrian access in Northdown Road recieved all party support at the local board, as did his colleagues Elizabeth Green and Alan Pooles requests for funding improvements in their areas. The money for the Oval Bandstand was also supported across the board, and is added to the £131,000 previously won through the local strategic partnership, which I have arranged can now be drawn down, as planning permission for the replacement bandstand is now in place and work should begin by the early summer, a welcome move forward.

What a pity in light of this real united local board move to identify and support where areas need help he has to once again trot out the tired old shibboleths about the clock tower traffic lights. This change has enormous popular support and has been welcomed by the majority of people outside the local labour party, who insist in carping about it; mainly I suspect because they made such an issue over several years of the conservative pledge to get rid of the lights and are now grinding their teeth in frustration because it is happening.

Such is life, and the lack of real community spirit in some......

Chris Wells