Friday, February 17, 2006

Brave New World or Future Shock?

Identity management, says Professor Ian Angell of the LSE, is a ‘Gravy train.’

Ian is speaking at an event I’m chairing next month and he comments:

"Any companies involved in IT should stick their snout in the trough now, because it's going to be a gravy train," said Professor Ian Angell, head of the LSE's department of information systems. "Some companies are worried about the effect on their brand when the scheme fails, as it will. Don't worry — just blame the government."

"This is a huge opportunity for IT companies, as there are no downsides. Bid for everything — the system will be so huge; there won't be enough manpower in the country to deliver. And you can put in ridiculous prices, because the system won't work. It's a Mad Hatter's tea party," he adds:

“If you're a UK citizen it may be time to start thinking about a move to mainland Europe, where there are plenty of countries that aren't so intrusive about your life. Bless the Schengen agreement. If you're an American keep an eye on what happens here. It’s probably your future, too.”

One day soon perhaps, we’ll all have our own unique barcode tattooed on our heads. One government leader from the Middle-east told me that they are thinking of linking their national ID cards with a person’s DNA profile, once the technology becomes pervasive. So you ID card number become an algorithm of your DNA code. Welcome to the Brave New World of the future!


Anonymous said...

This is slightly off-subject, but has anyone had any experience of re-taxing their vehicle direct with the DVLA over the internet? I tried out this new 'service' to pay for a new tax disc for my bike six weeks ago. The disc was supposed to arrive in the post within five days, but so far nothing. I have complained to them, they have supposedly sent out replacements, but these replacements haven't arrived.

It's just another example of a completely rubbish government system. Technically I can't ride my bike without displaying a current disc, the rozzers could cubit it like they have 98 other vehicles in Thanet recently.

Or maybe I've been the subject of identity theft, or even vehicle identity theft. Quick, get me an ID card!

Anonymous said...

My son has had similar problems but I suspect it may be that postmen have nicked your letter as DVLA posted out stuff might tend to be a disc etc! Joins the other 11.5 million missing letters and parcels. What amazes me about that quantity is the sheer weight and volumne of it all and the PO doesn't seem too phased about it. !

On the subject of Big Brother the subcutaneous implant game is already being trialled in USA by We should all volunteer our DNA shouldn't we ...
after all we shouldn't worry if we have nothing to hide should we...?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it seems to me that my local East European postie has grabbed the chance to get his Latvian mate a false number plate, so he can drive his plumbing van around at high speed, through congestions zones, etc with total impunity, leaving my letterbox clogged with brown envelopes from DVLA demanding fines etc. (Which said East European postie will deliver with perfect precision, no doubt.)

Do you think the plod's much vaunted ANPR system will notice the difference between a Ford Transit and a 186bhp sports bike? Or would that need another £20bn spent on IT consultants?