Thursday, February 09, 2006

Appeal after Sex Assault on Dance Floor

Detectives have released an e-fit image of a man they would like to speak to in connection with a sexual assault on a 20-year-old woman three months ago.

The incident happened as the victim was on the dance floor of the Dolphin in Albion Street, Broadstairs, at about 10.30pm on November 18.

A man lifted her skirt above her head and then let it drop down again. He then pushed the woman by putting his hands on her chest.

The woman left the pub and informed door staff and the police.

The man is described as white, aged 25 to 28, about 5ft 8in tall, of medium build, with a shaven head. He wore a red t-shirt, grey hoody and dark jeans.

Anyone who knows the identity of the man in the e-fit is asked to contact DC Kim Lumpkin at Margate Police Station on (01843) 222 145 (ref 12580).


Anonymous said...

If Abu Hamza could organise and preach terrorism without prosecution for 5 years from 1999 to 2004 WHY ON EARTH are Margate Police going to all this trouble to find a drunk lad probably playing the fool in high spirits?

Yeah- I know - before the 'Girls Brigade' protest about indecent assault and the need to put this sex fiend on the sexual offenders register; technically it is assault but sexual? If you want to push a woman away who has gone for you because you have lifted her skirt up, you are likely to push her chest -oops hands in contact with breasts - sexual offence!

Please be careful guys out there - high spirits will blight your life if your not careful.

Disillusioned victim of crime said...

3 months to get round to releasing such details. Why doesnt that surprise me? The efficency of Thanets finest really is commendable. Rather like the case of my friend whose car was hit in the rear whilst parked with him in it. He rang the police straight away because there was a drunk girl driving the car who then drove off. 6 weeks on nothing has been done even though the registration details were taken and cctv footage was availiable of the incident. Now, call me cynical but I wonder if the fact that when the girl was challenged by said friend her answer of "my dad's a police-shhhhman" has anything to do with this? Or is it, being equally cynical, Thanet police's new way of dealing with crime is NOT to deal with it so that we all get so exasperated that we dont ever bother to call them and report it. Thus the wonderful statistics that they release each year can show what a wonderful job they are doing. And obviosly such a wonderful job being done means that these stats can be waved about when there are further increases in the budget for their share of our council tax...

Anonymous said...

anon again!

just print the registration number of that car on this site... it's a free world still! Name it, shame it... Policemans daughter or not.. she's broken 3 Laws without trying.

Anonymous said...

I have heard a lot goes on in Margate Police Station which should not.
I have some personal experience of a sergeant there who I made aware of regular ongoing crime by one of his associates, not only was nothing done but I had to go to HQ in Maidstone before Margate police would investigate . A conviction was then secured.
This is what you get with a lax disciplinary procedure, and complaints "investigated" or more likely swept under the carpet by colleagues at the same station.
Its a bad system.
The public don't stand a chance of getting the police to properly do what they are paid to do.