Thursday, February 16, 2006

Another Gang Assault

In what looks very much like another random and shocking unprovoked “Hoodie attack on middle-aged adults”, Police are seeking witnesses to apparently unprovoked assaults outside a Margate pub in which two men and a woman were badly injured.

The first victim, a 42-year-old Margate man, had just left the Princess of Wales pub in Tivoli Road when he was attacked by the group of about five or six youths wearing "hoodies".

Moments later the second victim, a 53-year-old Margate woman, walked out of the pub and saw the first victim being assaulted. She went to his aid but was also attacked.

Several other people came out of the pub to assist the two victims and to chase off some of the youths. However, the youths turned on the group and a 43-year-old Ramsgate man, the third victim, was attacked and ended up on the ground.

The first victim suffered a fractured jaw, while the third victim suffered a badly broken jaw that needed surgery. The second victim was punched in face and suffered cuts to her knees.

The incident happened on February 11 about 12.10pm.

Anyone with information about the attack or who witnessed the incident is asked to contact Det Con Pip Harvey at Margate Police Station on 07989 992056 (ref 1674/76/77).


James Maskell said...

Thats the first attack in the area for some time. Still a terrible thing to happen. I darent blame particular people, but I know kids do congregate around the playground from time to time. Similarly at Connaught Gardens.

I hope these kids are found and face the law for their indefensible actions.

Mums Army HQ said...

If Mum's Army (Thanet Brigade) cannot help our Police then recent ideas from other parts of the country could be employed to move on 'hoodie thugs'. eg. Jeyes fluid liberally scattered over the pavements (successfully trialled in Norfolk); Mozart and Vivaldi played over speakers(Yorkshire, Tyneside & W Sussex); sodium lights to reveal zits (Rochdale) and Howard Stapleton's 'Sonic Teenager Deterrent'.(see Telegraph)

Dr Moores, a word with the Powell Arms and the problems on the 'square' will be solved and not spoil your drink on the outside benches.

Anonymous said...

It would be good if the aggressive, abusive, violent, stoned, charmless nerks who hang around on the corner of the powell arms could be moved on, Its a lovely old pub and a good advert for Birchington to passers by. I am fed up to the back teeth of them aping the mannerisms of gangster rappers, i wouldn't mind but last time i checked birchington wasn't twinned with south central los Angeles or for that matter the Bronx... it grows cabbages (do your own jokes) ... Unfortunately it seems there is a never ending replacement of Neanderthals ready to take over the the 'hanging around' duties of the ner do wells in our midst.

Old Powell Boozer said...

Dear Anonymous of 4.50pm, Howard stapleton has the answer to your and the Powells problems. For £620 you buy the Sonic Teenager Deterrent(SDT).
Its principle is brilliantly simple. Most of us upto the age of 20 had hearing at top end of sound spectrum; after 20 most of us lose it as this part of our hearing declines first.
The SDT wacks out a piercing shriek at 80 decibels that only the young scroats can hear. Us old buggars sipping our beer on the benches would not hear a thing. The result is the scroats leg it as it is an annoying intrusive screech in their ears. The landlord can switch it on and off as required! Brilliant, eh? We could even start a collection at the bar to purchase one?

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Round the little buggers up... put them in an Army Uniform (instead of their silly little HOODy Baseball cap crap (excuse me, livid) and ship them out to IRAK. Then they would at least have a legal excuse to fight, but, at least they would be fighting for their lives, and not for the sake of it.
I try to refrain from bad language, but these silly little twats need some sort of deterent...anyway, the process took several minutes, so where oh where were our Police, off duty? Their hoody action is not disimilar to terrorist action, and ought to be treated as such. 90 days arrest, hard labour, automatic sentenceing... no need for Court expenditure.
There were 2 good ideas.

Anonymous said...

The Birchington Massif. I laugh in your faces in der little world and never been outta da square. Visit Seattle, LA and the rest dorkbrains. Oh no you can't cause yuv not no clue what's outta der. Losers.

Anonymous said...

anon again!
I see they don't speak English either (above).
Perhaps that is why the idiots cannot (will not) communicate!
Actually, it's not bad when they loiter outside the Pubs, you can avoid them. It's when they beat on people leaving the Pubs. Discipline & Respect needed-- Mum's Army-- job to do!

Anonymous said...

Anyone else think that military service would be a good thing? Teach them some discipline etc. etc. ?

The aforementioned STD does of course suffer from the fact that it will get rid of all teenagers - and we can't forget that it is only a minority who behave in this way.

Anonymous said...

Dear 'Old powell boozer' The sonic teenage dispersal gadget was featured on Channel 4 news last night, its working well for a group of shop keepers plagued for years by nuisance drunken teenagers, sounds ideal for outside the Powell arms? Although this story is double edged, it highlights an ingenious solution to a nation-wide problem, someone has seen a opportunity in the misery of others and has fashioned a solution, but isn't it a shame its come to this... Has the state let us down and private enterprise stepped in?... I would also put money on a teenager taking those shopkeepers or any other establishment that installs one of these gadgets to court for damaging his hearing or infringing on his human rights... all be it egged on, sorry ably assisted by one of our learned friends from the legal profession.

Anonymous said...

That was a wind up but true, innit...I mean isn't it?

The Birchington Massif. I laugh in your faces in der little world and never been outta da square. Visit Seattle, LA and the rest dorkbrains. Oh no you can't cause yuv not no clue what's outta der. Losers.

DrMoores said...

But what confuses me "Birchington Massif" is that you appear to be from Derby? Rather a long way from Birchington and Thanet but closer to Seattle and LA!?

Are you an Ex-Thanet emigrant to the north country?

Anonymous said...

anon again!
ha ha! I think I know who it is now....

Anonymous said...

anon again!
I don't think Military Service did anyone any harm... I worked very closely with the Army and they were a closely knit bunch of lads... there was of course the odd square peg, but 99.9% of these were asked to leave or somehow wangled a discharge.
Germany still has conscription, as does France/Holland/Belgium, hence the youth problem has some assistance, instead of the heap going to rot!
A Political Party which put this issue in its policy would most certainly gain my vote!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Military Service did anyone any harm...

..Just the odd 60 million dead, in world war two, for example.

Anonymous said...

anon again!
I just mentioned Military Service, nothing about WAR at all. War kills, of course it bl***y well kills. Military Service, even thought it is not supposed too, also kills people occaisionally.
As you have pointed out, rather inappropiately, the 60 million dead in WWll earned their respect, as did their survivors. They fought to protect Britain, not to destroy it, as these little yobs seem to be determined to do.
You have obviously missed the point I was trying to make....
these stupid little idiots need discipline and respect lessons as it seems they are beyond parental control. I know the Army would be capable of teaching both, (not like a Boot Camp), whether the Army would take the rabble and job on... is a different matter.
A month ago, we read how the PM was taking action, against ASBO abusers, by making the punishment more severe.
The ones who get the ASBO order placed on them, are treated like hero's with War Medals by the other gang members. I don't think this is the desired effect everyone was hoping for.