Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Westgate Boy Given ASBO

A 14-year-old Westgate boy has been given a two-year Anti-Social Behaviour Order that stops him from swearing, spitting and going near a local supermarket.

Daniel James Longbottom, (pictured with police permission) of Linksfield Road, was given the order by Margate magistrates on Wednesday, 25 January.

The order prohibits Daniel from:

• Using foul and abusive language in a public place;
• Spitting at any person or immediately next to any person;
• Entering the Londis Store on Cambourne Avenue, Westgate, or going within 10m of the front door.

PC Sue Luck, Thanet’s anti-social behaviour officer, said magistrates had recognised the police and public’s concern about Daniel’s behaviour.

“The courts and police don’t take these matters lightly. Anti-Social Behaviour Orders are a strong measure imposed by the courts to control a person’s behaviour when all other avenues have been tried unsuccessfully,” she said.

“It’s important to remember that ASBOs are not a punishment. They are a way of trying to reign in behaviour that causes harassment, alarm and distress to the public.

“In Daniel’s case we hope that he will obey the rules of his order, realise that his behaviour isn’t appropriate and in future think about how his actions affect others in his community.”

To report a breach of the conditions of an Anti-Social Behaviour Order, contact Kent Police on (01843) 231 055.

Prison for Zoe and Carla Sharpe

Two Thanet sisters have each been sentenced to 14 months imprisonment for affray and breaching the conditions of their Anti-Social Behaviour Orders.

Carla, 21, and Zoe, 19, Sharpe appeared in Canterbury Crown Court on Thursday, 26 January, charged with affray and breaching their Anti-Social Behaviour Orders on 26 October last year after they assaulted members of the public in Queen Street, Ramsgate. Carla was also charged with common assault.

However before the sisters can start serving their 14-month custodial sentences they first have to finish serving a jail term they were given in March last year for another affray matter in Margate.

On that occasion they were sentenced to a year’s jail and given a three-year ASBO, which included a condition not to assault, threaten or intimidate any person.

The sisters were released from prison in September last year, however were remanded into custody on 26 October following being charged with the latest offences.

Their new 14-month sentence will begin on the completion of their current sentence in mid-March.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if Master Longbottom has previous. Yet again I suspect that if he had been 'named and shamed'at an earlier stage,at least we would all have known about it and perhaps it would have been a curb on his low-level misconduct. Could we return to the days when our 'scroats'could not hide behind a gagged press and media.

hang em high said...

Naming and shaming I fear would have had little effect, he glories in his bad deeds.
He needs a good flogging, he is notorious in the area.
What you call "low level misconduct" is extremely upsetting and adversely affects many other residents quality of life and inflicts much stress and suffering on all those in the area whom he targets.
I'd like to see you living nextdoor to him for a year and then see if you called it "low-level".

Anonymous said...

Where the girls were involved it looks very much as if the ASBOS's were seen as award rather than a deterrent as they didn't take any notice at all we assume

Anonymous said...

As I sit here on the PC there are 12 kids from somewhere local, although not the kids of immediate neighbours, kicking their football against the end wall of the house opposite - this goes on most evenings for 3 or 4 hours.
How the occupant of that house stands it I don't know, but he is too scared of them to complain.
I complained when they damaged my car repeatedly by kicking a football against it and was rewarded by death threats from two of the parents who live a few doors away, both social housing tenants.
I don't say anything anymore, just don't have a decent car, in fact my car is so bad now I wouldn't be able to tell if light to medium vandalism happened to it.
Sooner I get out of here the better, the poilce are useless and are not interested.
I am in Mere Gate Margate, the perfect example of official Blair government "pepperpot" policy where private and social housing is mixed to poilitical correctness and where the generally older private owners are terrorised by the many kids of the social tenants who are chucked out of their too small houses to play in the street to the annoyance of the (not immediate) neighbours.
Roll on ASBO's if they will do any good.
I am please to see something being done about these feral children.
What does the future hold for society and for them and their kids?
Doesn't bear thinking about.

Anonymous said...

stick him in the paedophile wing at the next nick, he will soon quieten down....