Saturday, January 28, 2006

Thanet Walking Festival News

Reader Helen Jezequel writes:

“Hello, I am one of a small group of people who is organising a walking festival in May 2006. Would it be possible to list this on your site please and link though to our website?"

Taking place between Sunday 7th May and Saturday 13th May, the Thanet Walking Festival is now in its fourth year and brings together in one week the most popular Thanet walks from the White Cliffs Ramblers Association regular walking programme, 'Walk & Talk' health walks and the special interest town walks provided by local civic and historical societies.

Ed: No problem Helen and the same applies to anyone else with news of local activities to publicise.


Chris Francis said...

Simon...The link does not link to anything. :-(

DrMoores said...

Does now.. everything works - Thanks for letting me know!

James Maskell said...

Im very tempted by these walks. Sounds great.