Sunday, January 29, 2006

Taking the Mickey

Council tax inspectors are to visit the US Disney World at public expense as part of a globe-trotting itinerary to learn about increasing bills for homeowners.

At the resort, the British ”team” will give a seminar on the forthcoming council tax revaluation in England - in which homeowners will face higher bills if they have extra bedrooms, big gardens or even a nice view.

Inspectors will also learn how information on private homes in the UK may be "sold on" by the Government to private companies for profit.

Inspectors have been offered special trips to Disney World and a dedicated website has been set up to allow them to pre-book tickets for the theme park.

One of the key tools of the exercise is expected to be "spy in the sky" aerial photographs to check whether a property has recently been converted, adding to its value. This rather makes me wonder when the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister will start downloading the hundred of aerial photos I have taken of Thanet. When everyone’s back from Disney World I assume!


Nethercourt said...

'Junkets' for the boys eh...
How long before TDC arrange a Centre Park trip to see what they can adapt for the Dreamland site?
Hang on.... p'raps they should??

Anonymous said...

anon again!
How about ALL the Council Tax Payers going to Disney Land/Park/World, then paying their Council Tax with what's left?
It might not be good for Thanet, but IT WOULD be more fun!
These are just my thoughts and have no bearing on the realities of Thanet Life.

Cllr David Green said...

Good story, but nearer to home what about KCC cabinet member blowing £300k on planestation when it was just about to go bust, or £1m of Kent money on a festval in the States. How many trips did that entail?

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Your Aerial Photography is a spectacular show. I have sent this site URL to my many relatives and friends throughout the World. It has always been praised highly.
I take this opportunity of thanking you for bringing us so much pleasure.


DrMoores said...

Thank you for the kind comments!

Anonymous said...

KCC took headteachers on a USA juncket last year, so why not Council Tax Inspectors? The trough of our taxes under Labour is big enough to let any snouts in.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps while they are there they could ask if Disney is interested
in Dreamland

Dont laugh

Stranger things have happened

Steve Kilbee

B of Birchington said...

Where is this in Thanet? The photo I mean please.

There must be a quango somewhere who deliberates what waste they can come up with next it seems. It all smacks of not having enough to do.

Anonymous said...

Quangos? I thought Maggie had a good clean out of these creatures. Have they returned by the thousands; do you have a list?

James Maskell said...

Not by the thousands but if I remember correctly at the last proper count there were something like 166 Quangos. I can find a list for you if you want.

DrMoores said...

It's Broadstairs seafront from above.. the photo that is.

James Maskell said...

I recognise the photo. Thanet College is left of the photo and down a bit. The High Street is upwards. You can see the bandstand there just next to the green. Wonderful views from there over to France.