Sunday, January 22, 2006

Smashing View

I see that the florists opposite the cinema in Westgate are yet another victim of the shop windows smashers. The police were still there as I was walking past and the front windows was being boarded-up. I suppose it happened on Saturday night and joins three of its neighbours in having windows smashed in recent times.

Will it take every shop window in Westgate and Birchington to be smashed before we see an end to this wave of vandalism or will the shop-keepers only repair one before another is smashed, days, weeks or months later, possibly by the same person or persons?

When will this stop I wonder, like another garden wall I see knocked-down on my walk this morning. As a community, we seem very short of answers or is this simply representative of life in general in today’s ‘Little Britain’? Is this really what we have come to expect, a random but constant background of vandalism, violence and petty crime without end?


Anonymous said...

anon again!
I used to know a Fireman who used to set fire to random things....
I wonder if this could be some glass supply firm that has found a way of keeping its head above water?

Anonymous said...

There was a very bad spate of this in the mid-80s in Ramsgate. On that occasion the Police mounted and operation and flooded the streets with Special Constables. I know, I was one. Specials then were not allowed to drive Police vehicles so we used to pound our given beats. It had an effect on the problem.

Anonymous said...

The incident wasobserved at 20.55 on Saturday night and it was 2 male youths who did it. If they are from one of the naughty boy and girls houses they should be given ASBO's to cover the whole of Thanet and sent back to where they have come from. We don not need these type of kids in Thanet.

Anonymous said...

Stop complaining and understand that people who smash a window and cause £2,300 worth of damage have 'issues'.
According to last week's Thanet Times the perpetrator of such damage at Whites of Kent in Northdown Road, said via her solicitor Andrew Craske, " ..she was having problems in her life and it all got a bit too much for her". He also went on to say " I would suggest this was a genuine cry for help in order to get the attention of the police."
Could I suggest to Andrew Craske that next time he sees his client Ann Kirby he advises her that an in-expensive way to attract the attention of 'Thanet's Finest' would be to take her clothes off and walk down Northdown Road naked.
I am sure Whites of Kent and our other hard strapped businesses in Thanet would be much happier for those with 'issues' to get it off their chests rather than kick very expensive plate glass windows in!

Anonymous said...

The problem of window smashing is by and large to do with the naughty child houses. The kids roam the streets in groups and in many cases this leads to other teens in their age groups getting involved in something that's "cool". The police are in their eyes pathetic.

As a teen (Ok, I'm 20 in 2 months) I am fully aware that all it takes is a big police presence in the town centres of Birchington, Westgate, Margate, Cliftonville, Broadstairs and Ramsgate and we would be eradicating much of this problem.

Many people suggest youth centres when anti-social behaviour is discussed. This won't wipe the issue away. Youth centres can longer keep pace with the PS2s and the XBox360s, and dare I say it DRUGS of the world so are a waste of space to ADHD kids. Problem kids get their kicks from putting the frightners on other people so the police need to get there first and BE SEEN more often.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

such wisdom shown by one so young!
I agree entirely.