Sunday, January 15, 2006

Shutter Speed

I’m hoping to photograph the size of the “Under construction” space between Tesco at Westwood Cross and the Canterbury Christchurch Campus this morning, as well as a few more “Planning in Progress” shots this morning. It looks to be clearing-up a little outside and so as long as there’s no cloud between me and target and the light is reasonable, I’ll put the photos up in the library – link on the sidebar. It's frequently a little tricky at this time of year as I need a relatively high shutter speed to cope with the aircraft closing speed on the target and if the light is poor, as with the attempt to photograph the lifeboat exercise a month or so ago, all I get is a blurred result.

By the way, as readers, like my hairdresser Alan at, the Razor's Edge, have asked, I can arrange hi-resolution, low-level photographs of your home on enquiry. The cost is £25.00+VAT for a simple fly-by and mutiple shots, to cover the aircraft fuel as long as it's a local job. If your'e lucky, your house may already be in the photo library; I can see that a number of people have already downloaded some of the highest resolution photos of the Thanet towns that I have there.

Footnote: You''ll see that I managed some shots of Westwood Cross (see above) in very poor light I'm afraid .Huge isn't it? Where is all the traffic going to go when that's finished I wonder! The other photo is of course the Margate "Old Town."


Anonymous said...

Forgive my ignorance but does anyone know what the new site is going to be?

James Maskell said...

It was going to be more superstores. I remember it going before Council but cant remember which stores in particular.

DrMoores said...

PC World among others I believe!
Obviously 'loadsa' money to be spent in Thanet!

Pete K said...

Why do the white cars park in groups at Tesco?

Anonymous said...

Want to get sharp image on a dull day, pump up the asa/iso to 400 or 800 then yoiu will get a better shutter speed,