Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Rubber Band Solution

It’s nice to see that our local news sources, radio and print, are dipping in to the website to see if there are any new stories and test the pulse of local opinion.

When I arrived home today, it was to find a handful of news releases from the police, who look as if they have been busy. It also strikes me that many of the younger people given ASBOs, don’t give a damn and carry on re-offending until they are finally “Banged-up” away from the rest of us. Perhaps I’m wrong but I recall an early story from this month on ThanetLife where a respected inner London social worker appeared to be expressing much the same view. You may have read that tagging technology also doesn’t work properly but the technologists have known about this for ages and in some areas, it’s about as useful as placing a rubber band around a criminals arm and saying, “There, don’t go outside because we’ll find out, not.”

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera, the Arabic television news channel will be visiting Thanet tomorrow, which is nice!


Anonymous said...

Al Jazeera visiting Thanet ????
Seems strange, still I suppose we have a mosque by the Post Office in Cecil Square so I shouldn't be too surprised.
I suppose I should not be worried or concerned about what is discussed or planned in the mosque any more than I should be concerned about what is discussed or planned in the local C of E church but somehow I am..........

Am I wrong, misguided or what?
I dare not say more for fear of arrest and prosecution under some new law or other!
Its a sad England where we are too scared of our own government and police to express our right of free speech, but that is Blairs's England.

DrMoores said...

It's alright they won't be visiting the mosque unless I suggest it, which I hadn't planned to. Perhaps the Ruler of Dubai would like to buy Dreamland.. there's a thought!

Sheik Itup said...

Aw,come on! You know what Al Jazeera are visiting for. Share it or is discretion needed at the moment?

Anonymous said...

Like the mural in the picture. Is that Uncle Joe Stalin shown below and nearest to Lenin?

DrMoores said...

How about Osama Bin Laden having lived in Thanet while he studied English as a lad or the massive new oil field discovery under the EastCliff at Ramsgate?

Cllr David Green said...

Now we know why all that off-shore money is going into the Pleasurama white elephant!

Anonymous said...

Re:Am I wrong, misguided or what?

Yes & Yes

Its the very fact we have free speech that bloggs like this exist

what we are rightly not allowed do is to express sentiment that is racially or religiously designed to create or promote hatred thereby causing confict with those we attack
This law defends the very right you so oviously wish to preserve

use it with respect and care

Steve Kilbee

Anon Also said...

They're obviously coming to do a story on Ramsgate being the new millionaires' playground.

Think of all that lovely oil money being invested. Pretty soon we'll be getting a Harvey Nic's!

Anonymous said...

So Steve Kilbee - I am not sure I understand what you are saying here in response to that post - is it that they can say whatever they like in the mosque as they have rights of free speech?
But if they incite hatred against us or plan illegal acts in the mosque will they be prosecuted, how would the rest of us ever know what they were saying?

You would have to be a mosque member to be present to hear it, it wouldn't be in English, and I can't see them ratting on each other.
I remember seeing a TV interview a few months ago where a senior muslim cleric was asked if he would report it to the police if he heard that a bomber was planning something - he would not say that he would.

All I am saying is that lots of things could be discussed which could be illegal and no one would ever know.

Where does that leave the rest of us?

Anonymous said...

The premise of your argument appears to be based that all persons who use mosques are terrorists which is of course complete nonsense, but the general stance used by racists overtly or not.
The planning of crime ,whatever it may be,wether it is done in
mosques ,pubs or smoky back rooms is by its very nature covert and those perpitrators are hardly likely to "grass" each other,but it does not dilute the fact that freedom of speech must be valued and protected

Steve Kilbee

DrMoores said...

Actually, Al Jazeera were doing an interview on identity theft.. i.e. how easy it is to become someone else in this country and elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

Steve Kilbee - it is unlikely that hardline Islamic terrorists would use a pub for plotting as they regard those places as unholy, a smoky back room maybe, and a Mosque has been closed down by UK authorities within the last year or so for extramural activities as I saw on television news, maybe you did not see that.
Most of us realise that not all Muslims are terrorists, yet pretty well all terrorists affecting us at the moment are Muslims.
Like the Irish / IRA terrorism of the past decades it is a tiny percentage of the population who are active in terorism, however a significantly larger percentage feel some sympathy for their aims and violent methods and may support them by giving money, sheltering suspects or other aid.
I don't think that believing this makes me or the other poster a racist.