Friday, January 20, 2006

Red Letter Valentine Card

Don't forget, if you want to send that special message for Valentine's Day next month, then you had better put your order in with Airads quickly - 07836 351001.

The hard part is attempting to persuade your partner to be at the right place at the right time, just as the aircraft flies overhead. One particularly romantic flight last year had us appearing over the beach near Hastings at exactly 1pm as a young man proposed to his fiancee. Fortunately, it was winter and while they were walking on the beach together, there were not many other people around, making it easy to spot the man down on one knee in the sand from the air as we popped out of the cover of the trees behind the beach at low level.

A ballpark figure for a local tow from Airads is about £200 - £275+VAT depending on where you need the banner but be quick, it's a busy day for the aerial banner pilots.


Anonymous said...

To the first banner; "Yes!" To the second; "Regretfully, no!"


James Maskell said...

I hope Caroline said yes!