Friday, January 06, 2006

Ramsgate - A Millionaires' Playground

Ramsgate is set to become a "millionaires’ playground", according to Kent on Saturday, which in turn reports an article in Country Life Magazine, which places Ramsgate just after Kensington & Chelsea in the list of most desirable postcodes.

After reading this I had to take a stiff drink to dull the pain in my jaw after it had bounced off the desk in front of me.

Obviously, some areas of Ramsgate are more desirable, the Marina, than others but if Country Life says so it must be true, the new Nice of the South East and so Thanet Council best make hasty plans to float the Turner Contemporary towards the East Cliff to anticipate the new Bohemian cultural demand for art and Cappuccino which will surely follow this revelation.

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