Sunday, January 22, 2006

Politics for Rent

All of us know what an alcoholic is but I’m struggling to find a definition for “Rent-boy” in the dictionary. Both however appear to have some vague connection with British politics and the Liberal Democrats this weekend in a scandal that takes us back to the Jeremy Thorpe debacle in the early seventies, involving a Norman Scott and Andrew 'Gino' Newton. I cannot comment any further on this, as to do so would risk a visit from the police under new legislation which forbids any of us to comment on another person’s sexual orientation or preference.

Anyway what happened to the Liberal Party under Thorpe looks set to repeat itself, probably under the leadership of Sir Menzies (Ming) Campbell, who did some neat dodging around Adam Boulton’s questions this morning over he and a “Gang of Scottish Labour Politicians”, influencing the direction of English Parliamentary legislation when our MP’s can’t vote over Scottish affairs.

Whichever way you look at it though, the Liberals are b*****d politically by the antics of the last month and now the question is who is most likely to gain, the born-again Conservatives or the Tony and Gordon pony show. Unfortunately, ‘who cares’ is the attitude of the greater population and I can quite understand why!


James Maskell said...

The News of the World gives a pretty good idea of a "rent boy" is... Its pretty safe to say Mark Oatens plans for being leader in the future are gone. I feel sorry for his wife and his two daughters.

Anonymous said...

What a nasty hypocritical society we have become. I thought it had become perfectly acceptable 'for a chap to fancy other chaps'. If Mr Oatens prediliction was actually for 'Rent Boys'then he is guilty of paedophilia. However, he seems to have bought the services of a consenting adult; is it the fact that he 'pays for IT' that has upset people?
After all is it not a fine tradition in the Liberals to pay for it? Gladstone was a customer of London's working girls; why shouldn't Mark Oaten be a customer of London's working men?

James Maskell said...

Oaten is married with two daughters and didnt tell the truth until the News of the World told him they were going ahead with the story. Thats probably what is so bad about it. Its deceitful.

Anonymous said...

I would be deceitful in Mark Oaten's situation! Being deceitful is a normal human trait that our politicians, at whatever level, share with us in great abundance.

James Maskell said...

Politicians are held to a much higher standard than Joe Public.

You are absolutely right here, it would be deceitful for anyone, but politicians are in the limelight all the time and in Mark Oatens case earlier in the week he was standing for Leader of the Lib Dems. He is in a sense a role model for people.