Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Play by The Rules Please

I have just removed the comment thread from “Signs of the Times”, something that I don’t do lightly and with some reluctance.

I have some very simple rules for all to follow on this website; honest, decent, truthful and no personal or possibly libellous attacks or bad language. At the very least, our local councillors should be setting an example to others in terms of polite restraint and debate and it grieves me that I have had to show both a yellow card and finally a red card on this conversation thread, where others had made useful and constructive comments.

Unfortunately, to avoid having to vet every comment that appears – I have a day job too – I have left the site very open, which means that in the way its configured, if I take down one comment for a thread, I have to lose the lot.

Please play by the rules everyone and use intelligent satire rather than political acrimony.

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