Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Photo Jogging

Having just finished a lunchtime run along the promenade towards Birchington from Westgate, I though I might let you write the news story or caption against the two photographs that I took with my small camera phone on the way.

Just add the story to the comments and let’s see who can come up with the best description and story.


Anonymous said...

anon again!
I knew the top one straight away... it's the Turner Contemporary's first Local Picture by a modern day artist...
the second one tho.... has me totally befuggled.... nope... could be anywhere in Thanet... sorry. ;)

Anonymous said...

Now that Thanet's so up and coming, everyone wants a butler sink!

Anonymous said...

Locals succeed in bringing the Turner Centre project to an end before the original £7m budget is spent. A Turner Centre spokesperson said " With only £614662 left we have had to rethink our plans. Our new site and recently commissioned art is excellent value for Thanet's council tax payers.

Anonymous said...

anon again!
£7,000,000? £30,000,000?
The Tate Gallery didn't cost us that much...

I think that this sort of spending has to have some kind of referendum(ask the Thanet Residents) before any further steps are taken in building this feature.
Who is now mentioning that it will indeed come from our Council Tax? I thought it was to be funded by the KCC and the Lottery Fund.... hence "ZERO" cost to the Locals!
If the Council attempt to make ME PAY for something that I DEFINATELY do NOT agree with or want, I will sue them, for BLATANT misuse of funds, and fraudulent use of my money.

There is too much confusion going on, somebody has to state, once and for all,


There is no need to beat about the bush! Facts are better than "lying cover ups".... you will be caught up with sooner or later anyway..