Monday, January 30, 2006


A wonderful story from The Times today, that new Government guidelines will tell owners exactly how they must care for their pets

Reportedly, cats, dogs and other family pets are to have five statutory “freedoms” enshrined in law — and owners who flout the regulations could face jail or a fine of up to £5,000 after a visit from the “pet police”.

Margaret Beckett, the Environment Secretary, is to produce detailed codes of conduct telling pet owners how to feed their animals and where they should go to the toilet, along with ways of providing “mental stimulation”. Owners of “sociable” pets should provide them with playmates, the codes will say.

The 18-page A4 document, drafted for MPs scrutinising the Bill, warns cat owners of the dangers of dogs. It reads: “Dogs should be introduced to cats very carefully. The dog should be on a lead at first so that it cannot chase the cat.”

To be honest, I’m less worried about cats than I am about Iran and it’s nuclear ambitions. I think it’s rather clear to everyone that in invading Iraq, we chose the wrong country to chastise in our search for weapons of mass destruction and I believe that if Tehran builds a bomb, then it will most likely try or threaten to use it against Israel or indeed anyone who might threaten its interest in the surrounding geography of the middle-eastern oilfields.

I’m actually in that direction next month and I’ll be most interested in the opinion of its closest neighbouring governments. A crisis of the kind I describe will push oil prices through the ceiling and could easily trigger the kind of recession that the West hasn’t seen since the OPEC battles of the early seventies. Worse still, Israel will most likely make some kind of pre-emptive strike before the risk becomes too great for its own population.

Europe will continue to mutter and talk of sanctions while the US, bogged-down in Iraq, would hesitate to consider any question of employing troops against seventy million Iranians. That rather leaves Iran with the inevitability of a bomb within a year I suspect, unless it pulls back from its policy of brinkmanship, which it has not showed any signs of doing yet.

I wrote a story on Iran for The Economist magazine about two years ago, when I interviewed President Khatemi’s personal envoy. A fascinating country with generous people and enormous potential, mired in the introspection of political fundamentalism.


Anonymous said...

The problem with Iran whatever their intentions is that its very difficult to tell a nation they should not have nuclear capatbility when all around them most seen as enimies do.

bye the way if thats your computer you have an incorrect pointing device installed I shall be informing the pet crime squad at once

Steve Kilbee

DrMoores said...

Using a mouse is so "passe" these days but the trouble with a "Cat", 19.99 in PetSmart, is that they are inclined to wander and have a non-standard USB connection in the tail cable, as you can see from the photo.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of pets 'you must be joking'. If you are not, heaven help us if this Labour's next pet subject to interfere in our lives.

The Iran problem is more difficult. This Government must break away from the myopic USA view of Iran. Let us encourage Iran to build nuclear power stations and assist them. A positive involvement with a good inspection regime will see a peaceful use of nuclear energy result.

In the Uk we must make decisions ourselves to replace and expand our own Nuclear power stations.At the moment does not Israel have a
nuclear capability that has never been inspected? Is Israel still not imprisoning that poor whistle blower of theirs who was kidnapped from the streets of our capital?

When will the West realise that until it is even handed in the Middle East, most Arabs will regard the West as Zionist apologists. Iran may be offering support to Iraq's Shias but I can only think of one country that is still occupying territory of its neighbours despite UN resolutions to the contrary.

Anonymous said...

The Israelis were "given" Israel after the 2nd world war by a group of countries including UK.
It was pretty much desert and scrub.
They have made the desert bloom and a modern society by hard work.
They have to live somewhere, its not the ideal location, surrounded by enemies who want to drive them into the sea.
THe Palestinians have plenty of other land they can occupy around there but understandably don't like what they had being taken away from them.
The Palestinians were of course badly let down by Britain after the 1st world war, read Lawrence of Arabia's book the 7 Pillars of Wisdom and history books to understand some of it.

Anyway to cut a long story short the Israelis have always wanted to live in peace with the local Arabs but this is not reciprocated.Watch the old film "Exodus" to understand a bit about it.

They have been attacked so often through the years, they have shown remarkable restraint in defending themselves, I don't like Nuclear bombs ( the "deterrent") but they have given us 60 years of freedom from world wars which is a long time.
I don't think the Israelis are crazy enough to use a nuclear bomb except in the last resort, if they did use it it would be very close to their own country, suicide really.
Iran on the the other hand is a a crazy place full of crazy people like most of these neighbouring countries. If they got the nuclear bomb I have little doubt they would use it at the drop of a hat. Ditto the North Koreans, and I am not too happy about the Pakistanis having it either.
I do not pretend to have any solution to the problems with Israel but I do admire them in their tenacity.
We in Europe "owe" the Jews somewhere to live after failing them miserably in the Holocaust.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid the establishment by Zionists of the state of Israel was by terrorism and ethnic cleansing processes used more recently in Bosnia.
The Stern gang and Irgun not only terrorised Arab villages forcing the populace to flee but also murdered many of my countrymen in The Palestinian Police and in The British Army.

Wanted to live in peace with the Arabs? Judge the Zionist State of Israel by its actions not its words.