Monday, January 23, 2006

No Parking - Anywhere

The parking ticket scandal, particularly in London, is something I have direct experience of. Three years ago, in Westminster, My motorcycle was ticketed on two consecutive days on private property and only because I happened to carry a digital camera with me and could record the incident, was I able to see the fines, dismissed on appeal. It was of course my word against that of one of the legions of refugees in uniform that now work for the London councils.

The Telegraph reports that town halls across the country are illegally using motorists as a cash cow by flouting government guidelines and turning parking control into a money-making business.

While the biggest problems are in London - where local authorities have been responsible for parking control since 1994 - motorists elsewhere are now starting to face similar treatment and perhaps you recall the incident in Canterbury, two years or so ago when the circus was in town and the surrounding parking was re-zoned overnight, catching out hundreds of people.


Cllr David Green said...

Thanet District Council is in the process of producing an overall parking strategy to inform decisions on development and transport issues. A draft of the strategy has now been agreed for further consultations. We want to hear the views of local residents, business and anyone with an interest in development and transport issues in Thanet.

Download a copy of the Parking Strategy (Draft-2005) (pdf 161kb)

If anyone wants to pass comments to me, I will ensure they are given a hearing. Your comments must be received by 17th February 2006.

James Maskell said...

'Fraid the link doesnt work...whats the URL for it?

Cllr David Green said...

Anon Also said...

I also have trouble parking my m/c in London. The worst offender is Tory-controlled Westminster, who have gazillions of empty spaces for cars, and only a measly few bays for bikes. I've tried suggesting to them that they turn some of the car bays over to bikes, but to no avail.

The pressure on bike space is partly due to the 'success' of the Kengestion Charge, which has cleared the roads in Central London of all but bikes, taxis, white van men, and toffs in Bentleys, Rollers and Range Rovers, just the effect Ken was after!

I'm glad to see there's provision in the TDC Parking Strategy for provision for Powered Two Wheelers.

Anonymous said...

I have no sympathy for any-one caught-out in parking. A quick look around is normally enough to ascertain the parking rules in force at a given spot. What is far more irritating to a sorely pressed TDC CT payer is the mass of cars constantly illegally parked on the south side of Marine Terrace on double yellow lines. I'm perfectly happy for TDC to raise some revenue from that source. The question our erstwhile councillors need to ask is 'Why are TDC employees not carrying out their duty in slapping tickets around on the cars at Marine Terrace and earning some cash for the silent law-abiding majority?'