Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mum's Army Needs You

GMTV postponed again today, I rather thought they might but I suspect they’ll be back. It makes much more sense to wait a couple of weeks until the mornings are much lighter before 8am. It’s curious how seemingly disorganised these daytime shows are, driven as they are by a diet of current affairs stories. Richard & Judy are no better I discovered but ironically, along comes the Arabic TV channel, Al Jazeera instead.

My good friend Stephen Cole, who presented the BBC’s Click Online programme for many years, has now been lured along to join them and I had a call today about doing a feature on identity theft from start to finish, i.e. they want someone to show them how easy it is to steal someone’s identity and apparently Stephen has pointed a finger in my direction. Who did you have in mind I wonder?

If you are confused at this point about what I do other than flying an aircraft around taking photos of Thanet and writing this weblog, then it can be awkward to explain but if you look at the Govtec site, a job I’m doing in Bahrain next month, one part of the jigsaw at least will be revealed.

Meanwhile, I was struck today by a news report on the activities of a group, sponsored by ‘Take a Break’ magazine, the Mum’s Army party, with 54 candidates standing for election and According to its editor, John Dale, a register of over 10,000 supporters.

The platform on which Mum’s Army candidates will stand is tackling the antisocial behaviour that blights local communities, and one of “Mums” on BBC South East News tonight was rather more streetwise and useful than the waste of space, Lewes councillor, who insisted that he was really active in the community in fighting anti-social behaviour and had even dressed up as Father Christmas. The BBC reporter could barely hide an expression of contempt and I feel sorry for his council colleagues, who having seen his appalling and out-of-touch performance on camera, will feel that they have been tarred with the same brush.

Given that a police presence in the villages of Thanet outside office hours appears to be more the exception than the rule, perhaps we need a mum’s army too. There’s a thought!


Anonymous said...

Be fair to that poor councilor! He was given no time by the female reporter to elaborate on what he and his colleagues were doing to provide sporting resources etc. A case of putting the 'MUMS'story. Quite frankly a bunch of dads wielding big sticks and generously setting about as required would soon put an end to problems but this of course would be abhorred. So being more realistic what is wrong about the good old days when young yobs could be named and shamed long before the ASBO process now seems to name and shame? I look forward to the time when our police will arrest young yobs; put them before a magistrate having spent a night locked up ;summarily try and then birch liberally before releasing back to the street. Whole process dealt with in under 24 hours with minimum paperwork and minimum cost.
I find it extraordinary that a dog can learn with a quick slap that a mess on the carpet is anti-social behaviour but we baulk at carefully controlled corporal punishment to our more intelligent yobbish off-spring.

Chris Francis said...

I notice the Microsoft Corperation speaker has not been confirmed yet...Maybe The Mighty 'Bill Gates' is flying in under the cover of dakness... :-)

Anonymous said...

yep, if the police won't-can't-mustn't- do anything about the young yobs, surely Mums Army CAN....

DrMoores said...

Maybe Steve Ballmer like the last time I did an event out there!