Saturday, January 07, 2006

In Case of Accident

A busier than expected afternoon photographically speaking.

I decided to go and do some instrument flying work in the nasty thick grey stuff, four thousand feet over Dover and having tracked the beacon towards the harbour I then followed the Manston radio beacon on the return leg in a descent that brought me back into daylight at two thousand feet over the airport. One forgets that practising on the Microsoft Flight Simulator doesn’t quite reproduce the rushing sound when a gentle 500 feet per minute descent through the cloud, quite suddenly increases to an alarming 1000 FPM with a sudden cold windshear.

Tracking back home to land along the coast I spotted an accident, not long after it had happened on Sea Road in Westgate, dropped in to take some photos and then landed. On the way back into Westgate on the A28, I found this closed in the opposite direction between the St Nicholas roundabout and the petrol station. Another accident, this time apparently a woman who had lost control after reportedly hitting something on the road.

Apparently two people from the Sea Road accident were also taken to hospital.

The Emergency Services had a tough time being in two places at once and acted with great efficiency. I’ve uploaded all my photographs to the library here for them, insurers, owners and even the local paper to view and download if they wish to. (Ed - Thanks for pointing out it was the A28 and not the 299)


Anonymous said...

Sorry to nitpick, but that looks like the A28, not the A299.

DrMoores said...

Thansk for that.. i've corrected it and hadn't realised it was still the A28 at that point.

PC Kim Burgess said...

From PC Burgess, the Officer at the scene of the RTC (Road Traffic Crash) on the A28: I have attended the hospital where the young lady was taken and although in a neck brace awaiting x-rays she was in good spirits. She feels very lucky considering her vehicle first crashed into the trees on the central reservation and came to a stop after spinning onto its roof, all in the space of 20 yards. The forces against her body during the crash must have been enormous. As for the car, a spot of touch up paint and I'm sure it could be back on the road in a few days........NOT. Oh and p.s. Thanks for the Hot Chocolate, KF&RS Westgate, very welcome on a cold damp afternoon.