Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Home Safety Initiative

Thanet's Home Safety Road Show has proved so successful and popular with local pensioner groups that it’s going to be run again.

The initiative, devised by Watch Liaison Officer Terry McCormick, focuses on preventing doorstep crime and house fires.

The one-hour presentation, given by Mr McCormick and a Community Fire Safety Officer, includes time for audience questions.

Those taking part in the road show also have the opportunity to arrange for security and fire safety items to be fitted in their homes free of charge.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service also offers a free fire safety check of homes.

Mr McCormick said that recent police statistics indicated that although Thanet had the largest pensioner population in the county, it also had a low number of pensioner victims of burglary.

It is believed that the education programme provided by the Home Safety Road Show, incorporating Help the Aged's Senior Safety programme, is a significant factor in this achievement, he said.

“Since starting this project the road show has been presented to nearly 2500 Thanet pensioners. As a result many have had security items and smoke alarms provided and fitted for free.

“There were 24 road shows throughout last year and 100 percent of those attending felt safer in their homes after our talk. Reducing fear and providing confidence to deal with situations is a key element of the road show.”

Thanet Fire Safety Officer Paul Havens said: “Through this partnership, we have enjoyed a very proactive year with the police in Thanet and have reached over 500 Thanet residents with the road show.

“Nearly all found the presentations very useful and everyone stated it had improved their peace of mind in relation to perceived safety at home.”

Bookings for the Home Safety Road Show are currently being taken for 2006 and future presentations will include input from Kent Trading Standards on rogue traders.

To book a road show for your group call Terry McCormick at Margate Police Station on (01843) 222 176.


Anonymous said...

whats the caption in english?


DrMoores said...

Well I could have a caption competition but I think it's about striving for better state education or "Support Your Home Safety Road Show" comrade!

Anonymous said...

No, it says 'How to spot MI6 letterboxes'.

James Maskell said...

It could be about education...Im a little worried about the bow-tie though!

Anonymous said...

Goodness me! The Russians have started their own'Mums Army'.