Sunday, January 15, 2006

Growing Up and Up

Possibly thanks to a combination of both the Thanet Gazette and BBC Kent but over the last couple of days, I see the website has consistently had more new visitors than returning visitors. If you have a moment, please test-out the comments feature and let me know where you heard about it from; anonymously if you like!

This helps me track why the traffic is growing rather than how. At the present rate of growth I would expect it to pass 100,000 impressions by July or August, earlier perhaps if the current trend continues.


JK said...

Didn't hear Radio Kent yesterday morning, wish I had. I 1st saw this site just after Simon started it. Have been telling everyone that is interested in the area to look at it. Keep the good work up Simon - Thanet needs this.

onelosthousemate said...

Doctor Doctor How do I find out who links to me?

Easy... go to

DrMoores said...

Thank you .. very useful.. I can mostly track incoming links but using wholinksto me is a good idea too!

Anonymous said...

Read about the site in Gazette.